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Movie Review: "CJ7" - It's better then your "CJ1" toy!

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Believe me or not, I watched 2 movies in a row. LOL

There was a boy named Dicky Chow who live a hard life with his father because they are very poor. All the things in their house are second-hand (and worse) stuffs that his father took from garbage. One day, his father found something strange in the garbage and give it to his son. That is CJ7, an alien pet. CJ7 have a unique abilities that can turn things back to a good condition, but it cost the power from CJ7's "battery". So, the boy started to live and play around with CJ7, until one day a tragic accident happened and CJ7 have cost his "battery" dead.

Overall, it is a funny story, just like kung-fu Hustle. But for me, Kung-fu Hustle are few times better then CJ7. In my opinion, Stephen Chow are lack of creativity in making this movie. Some part of the movie is unnecessary and the ending was below from my expectation. If you watch till the end, you will tend to have a discussion such as, "Ala.... naper dia xbuat ending begitu n begini...," Klu sape yg belum tgk CJ7 and eager to watch it, sorry to spoil your mood. Huhu... by the way, it's my opinion... CJ7 still fun to be watched and the boy is cute. =)

Directed by: Stephen Chow

Starring: Stephen Chow, Xu Jian (Dicky), Tin Kai-man, Chan Kwok Kwan

Movie Review: The Mist

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There's something in the mist!

Last weekend aku dah tengok movie nie kat panggung. YUP, the ending was shocking! What I can say, it's great, as expected from Stephen King and Frank Darabont. When it comes to Stephen King's horror stories, mesti Frank Darabont akan berusaha untuk mengadaptasikannya. And it is a success.

First of all, it's not a ghost story, and not a thriller. (Some of you hated to watch this kind of genre) So, xde la menyeramkan sangat. The story started around a small town. Everything started when a heavy storm occured at one night. Later on, mist started to spread around the town and covers everything, makes it almost impossible to see all the things around. Those who stay in the mist for few minutes will be killed by "something".

As expected by Stephen King, he really knows how to make a great horror storyline with unexpected ending. Do not really need to put all the bloodsheding at all part of the movie, (which is kind of annoying sometimes) and all the things was clearly explained. And do not leave the audience tertanya2 before going out from the cinema. In addition, you can really feel the the pressure of the story and the characters' feeling, especially the main actor. He really good in making the character alive. Best. Korg wajib tengok!

Director: Director: Frank Darabont

Line of Actors:

Thomas Jane (David Drayton)Marcia Gay Harden (Mrs. Carmody)Laurie Holden (Amanda Dumfries)Andre Braugher (Brent Norton)Toby Jones (Ollie)William Sadler (Jim Grondin)Jeffrey DeMunn (Dan Miller)Frances Sternhagen (Irene)