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Special Thanks

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I would like to express my highest gratitude to those who involved in making this programme a success:

Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE/JPT)

Ministry of Information, Special Affairs Department (JASA)

Social Welfare Department of Malaysia (JKMM)

Chief Executive Officer of JASA

Director of JASA, Perak

Deputy Director of JASA, Perak

General Manager of IIUM Properties Sdn. Bhd.

General Manager of Steer Engineering Muafakat Sdn. Bhd.

Rimbunan Kreatif Sdn. Bhd.

Public Relations Unit, IIUM

Transportation Unit, IIUM

Corp. Comm Department of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB)

Marketing Manager of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB)

Manager of Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK), Arau

Manager or Sekolah Tunas Bakti (STB), Butterworth

Counselor of Sekolah Tunas Bakti (STB), Butterworth

Penghulu Mukim Ulu Bernam

Head of Villagers Kg. Sg. Dara, Tanjung Malim

And those who involved directly and indirectly 5

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What The Holidays Mean to You
For you, the holidays are about emotional connections and bonds. You are happiest being around those you love. You celebrate the holidays in a minimalist style. You are likely to only give one great present and decorate your house with a few special items. During the holidays, you feel happily busy. There's so much do to and not a lot of time to do it. But you enjoy every minute of your holiday chores. You think the holidays should be nostalgic and sweet. The holidays bring out your inner child. Your best holiday memories are of childhood foods and traditions. You secretly still wish you believed in Santa Claus.

Me as an Editor cum Cameraman

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Those who have experienced taking COMM 2330:Video Production, they can really understand how difficult it was, yet it gives a unique experience.


He is a part-time lecturer at IIUM, and a full-time lecturer at UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). The only reason he is teaching at IIUM because we don't have a really qualified full-time lecturer to teach this subject. He always told us how pity he felt to communication students because IIUM have a low technology in communication field compared to other public and private higher learning institutions which they have very advanced broadcasting, and radio studios. We have one broadcasting studio. It is located at Centre of Education (CET) or ROVAS, but it is never used or opened. I don't know why. May be the reason it is not open because just like what Dr. Megat said, "No one at IIUM knows how to use it." Therefore, we made our production using simple camera that we use to record everyday, the normal video camera.
He have instructed us to make two productions. One is a PSA (public service anouncement) and another one is a drama or a documentary. And he told us to make it as good a possible, since he do not intrested on written assignments or exam papers. He just intrested if u can make a good production with cooperative team work. He said at least we still can get an -A although u can't perform in ur exams, but promise him to produce something great.


It was a wonderful one. Dr. Megat like it, and my friends give an applause it the end of the screening. But sure it was tough and challenging to make a short PSA. Since most of my team members only available during weekends, then we went out only during weekends to search for our PSA locations and records. It takes one month and another few weeks to finish everything. We faced so many problems:
  • The camera that we use was an old one and have a disturding problem. It sometime shutted down by itself and we can't open it anymore. That means it was the end of our shooting for the day. And it means another wasted day. And it happened many times.
  • We cannot get a car to drive to go out. Another day wasted.
  • Dealing with outside people who don't want to cooperate with us, with so many excuses. Another day wasted.
  • Rain! Another day wasted.
  • Unsatisfed shots only i realized when i was editing. That means i must remake the shots. Another day wasted...And there still more...

However, all the tiredness was gone when they love the camera works...the editing...the storyline... and the acting. =) but my humble knowledge still believe there was still many space for improvement in the PSA. I will try to put it in the blog so you guys can see it and give me a comments about it.


I tell you the truth. Making a 30 minutes drama was triple time more tiring, takes more efforts and triple times more challenging. Again i say it, only those who have experienced taking this course can really understand how difficult it was. The real problem begins, when i just realized that the dateline to submit the drama was next week and we didn't even started to record anything yet for the drama. It was really a stressful situation. What makes me forget the incoming dateline was because the program that i have participated last time really need my full attention. Realizing the incoming dateline, i put aside all my task relating to the program and give full attention to my course. Thanks to my beloved one, she finished up all my task while i was totally busy and put a full focus on my video production project. Again, i don't know how to thank her. What she did for me before and thru out the program was too much for anyone else can bear. She also allowed me to borrow her computer so I can finish up this production faster. I thank you with all my love...

Today we started to make our first shot for the drama. It's about a girl who finally regret on what has happened to her life when she started choose a wrong path to follow after she entered a university. We spent 3 days and 3 nights to record almost all of the shots. It was fast and hentam keromo. Challenges never stop keeping to make us late. You know what? We have to pay for the camera we use RM5 per hour! Damn owner! Taking an advantage on us! However, my team always have a high spirit, although they must obey whatever I say. Some of them have been wearing the same cloth for 3 days straight. Some of them didn't really understand what i was really trying to do with so many shots from different angle. But all of them were very cooperative and very patient. Thanks guys. =)

While people busy focusing on their final exams, I still busy editing the production. I didn't have time to study for this final exam's course at all. sigh...

I feel very sorry to all my team members bcoz I pay less attention to this course. I believe if i have more time, there are so many scenes that still needed to be improved. There were also scenes where we didn't have time to record. Makes the drama shorter. I think that's all I can say. All of you get good grades for this course right? Yea... except me becoz I didn't read for the final exam. It has been a great experience working with all of you. See all of you around and take care...