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Waiting for Pre-reg sem 3 and sem 1 08/09

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Haha. Kalau aku nak regis subject, msti aku akan ade masa nak post satu entry. tapi xtau pon nak tulis ape. hmm... naper bnyk sgt subject yg jatuh pada hari selasa dan khamis untuk sem 1 nanti? letih3. Aku pelik. Sesetengah orang ade je benda yg nak dicerita dlm blog walaupun tak ade ape2 specific event yg berlaku. Me?? Haha! Sejak tak ade join ape2 program, banyak jugak masa aku nak tulis blog. tapi tu lah. Dah xde ape2 benda yg aku nak cerita. Hmm.... lepas ni aku merajinkan diri buat movie review pulak la.... menunjukkan aku skrg pon dah bnyk masa untuk jalan2 and tengok movie banyak2! Haha. Bestnye dah x join program. ;D

Tunggu per-reg mcm ni pon membuatkan aku bnyk masa nak menelaah blog org lain. Ade yg cakap pasal future planning la... lintah la.... Hmm... By the way, I wonder why I can't enter few blogs contohnya blog abang mizi n abang Pzin. I love to read their blog. Adui.... Bosan ar main tapis2 pembaca nie. Bagi ar saya masuk n baca blog abang2 sekalian...

Method of Da'wah Project

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.G0SH. I have nothing dat i can share with u guys since i did not participate in any program anymore. Miss the old days. Haha! But what to do. I have lost interest. I have other things to focus on with beside my study. And I started to play games a lot. Adui....

However, during chinese new year. My Method of Da'wah group and I went out to meet our target participant for our research assignment. He is a sissy. or mak nyah in Malay. Our source said that he have changed a lot as compared to before. One of my group member know this nyah from a program dat was organized during Humanitarian Week in UIA. He is a experienced trainer actually. He was invited to become a facilitator.

As usual, when there are holiday more than 2 days, Yassin and Hakim will suddenly there at my room when i wake up at the next morning, without any news or notice. haha! Lucky u r my friend. LoL. To make him part of the story, he started to become worried when I told him I wanna meet a nyah. Well... there's were few incidents where i was tackled not just girls, but also by nyah since secondary school. Adui Yassin... I'm not going alone la... my group members also come... N dat guy has changed a lot... I don't think he going to have any interest on man anymore la.. However, Yassin still come because he was so boring just staying in UIA. We plan to meet the nyah at Maju Junction, 1 PM on last saturday.

Let's jump to the conversation. His name is Rafi (bukan nama sebenar). We called him abang because the girls called him dat way. I prefer to call him by name. So, our conversation started. It took 4 hours, so I will only highlight the intresting part. I seat near to his side. But he move his chair far a little bit from me? What is that suppose to mean? Shy? We started the conversation by giving a brief background about our research project. Suddently, he asked us:

"Have you guys started to make any research from al-quran first?" Then every one went silent.

"Not yet, our plan is to have a conversation with you first before we proceed to our next step." I replied.

"You should make a research in al-quran first pertaining this (nyah) issue." Then he showed to us few quranic sentences. I don't remember what was the verses. However, I have studied all of these verses. To make it short, they (nyah) are refering to all these verses to support themselves that being a nyah (a man who wears like a woman, and have desire to man) is legal in Islam. The truth is, all these verses do not have any thing related to them. They are manipualting it for their own sake. OMG... But we did not came there to have a debate with him or what so ever. So, we just kept silent. We can bedate about it next time. Hmmm...


After lunch, I have the courage to ask more direct question to him.
"Abang, dari ape yg saye dengar dulu abang pn terlibat jugak dlm gejala nyah nie. N sekarang saya diberitahu abang dh berubah. What is the factor?"

"Eh, who said that i have changed?"

"Err... kawan2 yg join program humanitarian tu la..."

"Mane ade... Dari dulu abang mcm ni la... I will never changed... so far, abang cume dh lama xpakai baju perempuan je. Tu pon xde ape2 occasion yg memerlukan untuk abang pki." Kami terkedu lagi. "I still have my boyfren with me, I still love him n I still sleep with him. N klu nak kata berubah pon, ade la sikit... Dulu I even have a b****t." Oh My God.... Aku xpercaya ape yg aku dengar.

"That means, abang still akan rasa tertarik klu abang jmpa lelaki?" I asked.

"Eh. Of course la" I feel like running away as fast as i can, since i seat right beside him. That explained why he move his chair far a little bit from me. He really is shy! Damn! He continued his story. "Just last week I need to dress up a NAKED woman. And I just feel neutral doing it"

"Serious? And abang x terangsang pon?" The women also start to bravely ask direct question. "Ish... xkan la... I even touch all over her body and play her b****t. N I really don't feel anything." He said other things... but i don't think it's a good idea to highlight it anymore. That was the last question the girls ever asked to that nyah.

We also have a little "out of the topic" chat.

"Korg in student UIA kan?"


"Mcmn korang organize program kat UIA? xde bajet ke?"

"Bukan xde bajet... Tapi Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar korg kedekut nak release duit kat kitorg untuk buat program..."

"Ye ke... kesian ar korang... n lagi kesian kat invited guest."

"Naper lak bang?"

"korang tau x? aku ni blh kire orang yg berpengalaman la... which klu orang yg jemput aku untuk bagi talk ke ape, ake selalunye dapat layanan yg baik la... VIP katakan..."

"Owh ye ke... layanan abang dpt kat UIA masa humanitarian week okay ke x?"

"Sejujurnya, abang belum pernah la dapat layanan kat universiti lain seteruk kat UIA." Kitorang semua terkedu. "kire stakat nie, UIA la bagi layanan paling teruk." Dia ulang lagi... adui... sakitnye telinga."

"Uih. Ye ke... naper bang?"

"First of all, kitorang datang naik bas awam, which also never happen at other places, di mana kitorang selalunye akan di sambut oleh kenderaan dari tmpt tersebut. Secondly, sampai uia pn xde orang sambut. Sedih. Kitorg ke hulu n ke hilir, cari venue, lepas tu balik bilik. Kat kolej Zubair plk tu. Xde org escort. N kitorang menapak. Xde kenderaan. Panas2... Lepas tu balik bilik... adui... bilik ape la yg korg bagi kat kitorang? Dah la xade bilik discussion... so, mcmn and kat mane kitorg nak buat discussion? Dah la bilik kopartment korg bagi. Nak bersembang dgn org kat katil sblh pon susah." Kitorg ingat dah habis. Dia tambah lagi. "Pas tu makanan ape la yg korg bagi dekat invited guest? Ade nasi, pas tu ade satu dua lauk. Xde variety ke? Kuih? Buah? Mee?" Klu kitorng xde selera nak makan nasi, ape korg nak buat? Nak biar kitorg mati kebulur?" Adui... aku xtau la ape group member aku lain rasa... Tapi aku kat situ rasa sangat malula... I wish I was there during the program as a committee to fix the situation..

"Guys... the program u organize use a great name humanitarian week. Try la to get more budget and do something about this. Malu klu dapat tau kat universiti lain... Layanan korg bagi teruk... Jgn bagi alasan baru balajar kat abang. Klu universiti lain can do better, why don't you guys can't?"

I have nothing to say. I hope those who still active participating in a program can take note of this situation. Although he is nyah, or just a normal committee, but if this people are from outside the university, treat them nicely. We as a student from this university fine la klu xdpt treatment yg elok. We still love our university n cover da aib. But outside ppl don't feel da same way. Ade je yg x kena mesti diorg akan cerita kat orang lain.

Hope this will become a lesson to our next familiar program...