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Fairy Tail - manga & anime

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Wah. Lamanya tak update blog. Tak tahu la nak tulis ape. Ntah pergi mane idea, aku pon tak tahu. OK lah. Mari aku kongsi aku punya current interest dengan korang. Cuti semester kali perhatian aku telah kembali kepada membaca manga dan menonton anime. Jadi, anime yang telah berjaya menarik perhatian aku ialah karya Hiro Mashima, "Fairy Tail". Hiro Mashima juga telah mengeluarkan satu anime sebelum ini dan mendapat sambutan yang sangat menggalakkan berjudul "Rave Master". Aku sangat suka membaca dan menonton Rave master. Tiba2 anime Rave berhenti pada episod 51 tanpa sambungan. Manganya pulok walaubagaimanapon berjaya ditamatkan pada episod 296 (termasuk epilogue). Sedih seh tak dapat tengok Anime Rave sampai habis.
Haru Glory is a boy who lives with his sister, Cattleya, in Garage Island. After fishing out a.... thing called Plue, he meets Shiba who entrusted him with Rave Stone or more known as Holy Bring. From there on, he embarks on a quest leaving his sister at Garage Island like his father who went to find Rave 15 years ago. He meets Elie, a girl who loves to gamble but has lost her memory. They met up with Musica at Punk Street. They have to eliminate Demon Card using Rave and is helped by Elie's uncontrollable Ethelion and Musica's ability of controlling silver as a Silver-Claimer. Unfortunately, they had to collect 4 more Raves in order to eliminate the mother of all dark brings, Sinclair. Together, they find out their past including Haru and Musica who both do not know their parents very well. They also find out the connection between Ethelion and Rave.
Sekarang beliau mula melukis manga Fairy Tail dan masih lagi ongoing. Buat masa ini, jumlah keseluruhan manga episod Fairy Tail ialah 161 episod, anime pulok berjumlah 7 episod. Buat masa nie aku belum ade mood nak tgk anime Fairy Tail. Masih terlalu awal. Baru 7 episod. Aku boleh habiskan 7 episod anime lagi laju dari aku habis makan nasik (exagerate gile kau...). So nanti2 lah tengok. Skali tengok anime 20 episod baru best. hehe...
The manga’s story follows a teenaged girl named Lucy Heartfilia who wants to become a full-fledged mage by joining the world’s most notorious mage guild, Fairy Tail. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation and accompanied by a talking cat, Happy. After few incidents happened, that’s when she found out that Natsu not only is a mage, but is also a member of one of the world’s most infamous mage guilds…Fairy Tail. She futher discovered that Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel is a quirky Fairy Tail member and a teenaged practitioner of the ancient Dragon Slayer magic. He has a long-term mission in searching his "father", a real fire dragon called Ignee. Lucy is eventually welcomed into the Fairy Tail guild as she, Natsu, and other members go on various quests together.

OK. sekarang aku mahu sambung baca Fairy Tail.

Mau baca Rave Master? Tekan ini

Mau tonton Rave Master? Tekan ini

Mau baca Fairy Tail? Tekan ini

Mau tonton Fairy Tail? Tekan ini

By the way, masih banyak lagi website yang korang boleh buka n tonton/baca semua jenis anime dan manga. Contohnya seperti website Yang selebihnya, silalah rajinkan diri anda untuk search ye. hehe...

P/s: Kalau korang perasan, aku tengok pelukis ini sangat suka pada watak "anjing" bernama Plue itu. huhu...

PR Case Studies: Exxon Valdez - What NOT to do when it all goes wrong

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Exxon Mobil and the Exxon Valdez
Exxon Valdez, an Oil tanker owned by the former Exxon Shipping Company, a division of the former Exxon Corporation.

Exxon Valdez

Many companies have faced a crisis during their history, whether due to external forces beyond their control, through their own failings or management problems, or a combination of the two. Only a few, however, come to personify corporate irresponsibility through one pivotal event. Such a one is Exxon's experience with the Exxon Valdez.

What happened

In 1989, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker, entered the Prince William Sound, on its way towards California. In spite of the fact that the weather and sea conditions were favourable and the Bligh Reef clearly marked on the maps, the ship ran aground and began spilling oil. Within a very short period of time, significant quantities of its 1,260,000 barrels had entered the environment.

At the moment of the collision the third mate, who was not certified to take the tanker into those waters, was at the helm. The probably cause was established that the Captain and many of the crew had been drinking alcohol in considerable quantities.

What did the company do?

According to most observers, too little and too late. The action to contain the spill was slow to get going. Just as significantly, the company completely refused to communicate openly and effectively. The Exxon Chairman, Lawrence Rawl, was immensely suspicious of the media, and reacted accordingly.

Shortly after the accident had taken place, and the world's media had piled in to begin extensive coverage, a company spokesman pointed to the existence of procedures to cover the eventuality - procedures which the TV shots showed were demonstrably failing. When asked in Rawl would be interviewed on TV, the response was that he had no time for that kind of thing.

Meanwhile the operation on the ground was getting nowhere fast. Around 240,000 barrels had been spilled, with another million still on the ship. During the first two days, when calm weather would have allowed it, little was done to contain the spillage. This spillage spread out into a 12 square mile slick.

Then the bad weather struck, making further containment almost impossible.

After more than a week, the company was still giving no ground on the request for better communication. The media clamour became so hostile that eventually Frank Iarossi, the Director of Exxon Shipping, flew to Valdez to hold a press conference. It was not a success. Small pieces of good news claimed by the company were immediately contradicted by the eyewitness accounts of the present journalists and fishermen.

John Devens, the Mayor of Valdez, commented that the community felt betrayed by Exxon's inadequate response to the crisis, in contrast to the promises they had been quick to give of how they would react in exactly this eventuality.

Eventually, Rawl deigned to go onto television. He was interviewed live, and asked about the latest plans for the clean-up. It turned out he had neglected to read these, and cited the fact that it was not the job of the chairman to read such reports. He placed the blame for the crisis at the feet of the world's media. Exxon's catastrophe was complete.

Cost and benefit

The consequences for Exxon of its two-pronged disaster - the spill and its environmental consequences, alongside its disastrous communications - were enormous. The spill cost around $7bn, including the clean up costs. $5bn of this was made up of the largest punitive fines ever handed out to a company for corporate irresponsibility.

The damage to the company's reputation was even more important, and more difficult to quantify. However, Exxon lost market share and slipped from being the largest oil company in the world to the third largest. The "Exxon Valdez" entered the language as a shortcut for corporate arrogance and damage.


The features that made Exxon's handling of the crisis a failure included the following:

  • The company failed to show that they had effective systems in place to deal with the crisis - and in particular their ability to move quickly once the problem had occurred was not in evidence
  • They showed little leadership after the event in showing their commitment to ensuring such problems would never happen again
  • They quite simply gave no evidence that they cared about what had happened. They appeared indifferent to the environmental destruction.

The Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into one of the most pristene and beautful places in the world. It covered over 700 miles of coastline. It was heart breaking. Thousands of animals died immediately; the best estimates include 250,000 to as many as 500,000 seabirds, at least 1,000 sea otters, approximately 12 river otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, and 22 orcas, as well as the destruction of billions of salmon and herring eggs.The effects of the spill continue to be felt today.

PR Case Studies: Tylenol - What to do when it all goes wrong

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Johnson & Johnson and Tylenol

Tylenol is a Johnson & Johnson product. I never heard about it until I am required to study about this case Crisis need not strike a company purely as a result of its own negligence or misadventure. Often, a situation is created which cannot be blamed on the company - but the company finds out pretty quickly that it takes a huge amount of blame if it fumbles the ball in its response.

One of the classic tales of how a company can get it right is that of Johnson & Johnson, and the company's response to the Tylenol poisoning.

What happened

In 1982, Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol medication commanded 35 per cent of the US over-the-counter analgesic market - representing something like 15 per cent of the company's profits.

Unfortunately, at that point one individual succeeded in lacing the drug with cyanide. Seven people died as a result, and a widespread panic ensued about how widespread the contamination might be.

By the end of the episode, everyone knew that Tylenol was associated with the scare. The company's market value fell by $1bn as a result.

When the same situation happened in 1986, the company had learned its lessons well. It acted quickly - ordering that Tylenol should be recalled from every outlet - not just those in the state where it had been tampered with. Not only that, but the company decided the product would not be re-established on the shelves until something had been done to provide better product protection.

As a result, Johnson & Johnson developed the tamperproof packaging that would make it much more difficult for a similar incident to occur in future.

What did Johnson & Johnson do?

Once the connection was made between the Tylenol capsules and the reported deaths, public announcements were made warning people about the consumption of the product. Johnson & Johnson was faced with the dilemma of the best way to deal with the problem without destroying the reputation of the company and its most profitable product.

Following one of the guidelines of protecting people first and property second, McNeil Consumer Products, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, conducted an immediate product recall from the entire country which amounted to about 31 million bottles and a loss of more than $100 million dollars. Additionally, they halted all advertisement for the product.

Although Johnson & Johnson knew they were not responsible for the tampering of the product, they assumed responsibility by ensuring public safety first and recalled all of their capsules from the market. In fact, in February of 1986, when a woman was reported dead from cyanide poisoning in Tylenol capsules, Johnson & Johnson permanently removed all of the capsules from the market.

How did Johnson & Johnson re-introduce the product to the market?

Once the product was removed from the market, Johnson & Johnson had to come up with a campaign to re-introduce its product and restore confidence back to the consumer.

1. Tylenol products were re-introduced containing a triple-seal tamper resistant packaging. It became the first company to comply with the Food and Drug Administration mandate of tamper-resistant packaging.(Mitchell 1989) Furthermore, they promoted caplets, which are more resistant to tampering.

2. In order to motivate consumers to buy the product, they offered a $2.50 off coupon on the purchase of their product. They were available in the newspapers as well as by calling a toll-free number. (Mitchell 1989)

3. To recover loss stock from the crisis, Johnson & Johnson made a new pricing program that gave consumers up to 25% off the purchase of the product. (Mitchell 1989)

4. Over 2250 sales people made presentations for the medical community to restore confidence on the product. (Mitchell 1989)

Cost and benefit

The cost was a high one. In addition to the impact on the company's share price when the crisis first hit, the lost production and destroyed goods as a result of the recall were considerable.

However, the company won praise for its quick and appropriate action. Having sidestepped the position others have found themselves in - of having been slow to act in the face of consumer concern - they achieved the status of consumer champion.

Within five months of the disaster, the company had recovered 70% of its market share for the drug - and the fact this went on to improve over time showed that the company had succeeded in preserving the long term value of the brand. Companies such as Perrier, who had been criticised for less adept handling of a crisis, found their reputation damaged for as long as five years after an incident.

In fact, there is some evidence that it was rewarded by consumers who were so reassured by the steps taken that they switched from other painkillers to Tylenol.


The features that made Johnson & Johnson's handling of the crisis a success included the following:

  • They acted quickly, with complete openness about what had happened, and immediately sought to remove any source of danger based on the worst case scenario - not waiting for evidence to see whether the contamination might be more widespread
  • Having acted quickly, they then sought to ensure that measures were taken which would prevent as far as possible a recurrence of the problem
  • They showed themselves to be prepared to bear the short term cost in the name of consumer safety. That more than anything else established a basis for trust with their customers

The world’s most expensive and cheapest McDonald’s

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Monday November 2, 2009

AS if Iceland does not have enough problems, McDonald’s has just announced the closure of its three restaurants there and said it has no plans to return.

Apparently, most of the ingredients used by McDonald’s in this crisis-hit country are imported from Germany and the franchise holder would have to raise prices by at least 20% to produce an acceptable profit.

The story was important enough to make it to the front page of the Financial Times on Oct 27.

According to the report, for McDonald’s to stay profitable in Iceland, the Big Mac there would have to be priced above US$5.75, which is what it costs in Switzerland, home to the most expensive Big Mac, according to the Big Mac index.

The Big Mac index is published by The Economist as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries.

You can get a good exposition of how this index works, including its limitations, by referring to Tan Sri Dr Lin See Yan’s column on July 25 entitled “Burgernomics and the ringgit”.

Since this column is not into heavy economic stuff, I was more interested to find out where the most expensive and cheapest Big Macs are to be found.

As of February this year, the most expensive burgers were in Norway (US$5.79), Switzerland (US$5.60), Denmark (US$5.07), Sweden (US$4.58) and Eurozone (US$4.38).

Now, here’s the interesting part. According to the same index, Malaysia (US$1.70) actually ranks No 1 among the five most affordable Big Macs, ahead of Hong Kong (US$1.71), China (US$1.83), Thailand (US$1.86) and Sri Lanka (US$1.95).

To be frank, I am not a real fan of fast food but when I am overseas and am at a loss as to what to eat, it is quite comforting to be able to step into a McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut outlet, and order familiar items.

We also have to understand why some of our overseas friends do not like to be too adventurous with our wide array of Malaysian hawker fare, especially when they are on a short trip. There’s nothing worse than having to repeatedly run to the toilet because their stomachs are not accustomed to our delicious, spicy stuff.

Still on the same subject, I am trying to figure out why the fast-food joints are increasing the number of their 24-hour outlets.

In my neighbourhood, they compete with the Syeds and other 24-hour teh tarik outlets, and for the life of me, I cannot imagine anyone preferring a snack plate of original recipe chicken over a piping hot bowl of sup kambing in the hours after midnight, or a Big Mac over the Ramly burger sold at the roadside stall.

But they have obviously done their research, and I suppose my preferences are fast being overtaken by more global taste buds. That may well impact on the Burgernomics figures eventually, since prices are determined to a large extent by supply and demand.

I like to think that I’m doing my bit to keep Malaysia in the top ranking for most affordable Big Macs – by sticking to my teh tarik and roti canai during EPL matches.

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My comment:

Owh! Big Mac kat Malaysia rupanya dah dikira sangat murah. Tapi masih tetap mahal bagiku... >.<

Iceland says goodbye to the Big Mac

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McDonald's closes in Iceland as currency collapse takes a bite out of Big Mac profits

By Gudjon Helgason and Jane Wardell, Associated Press Writers On 3:41 pm EDT, Monday October 26, 2009

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) -- The Big Mac, long a symbol of globalization, has become the latest victim of this tiny island nation's overexposure to the world financial crisis.

Iceland's three McDonald's restaurants -- all in the capital Reykjavik -- will close next weekend, as the franchise owner gives in to falling profits caused by the collapse in the Icelandic krona.

"The economic situation has just made it too expensive for us," Magnus Ogmundsson, the managing director of Lyst Hr., McDonald's franchise holder in Iceland, told The Associated Press by telephone on Monday.

Lyst was bound by McDonald's requirement that it import all the goods required for its restaurants -- from packaging to meat and cheeses -- from Germany.

Costs had doubled over the past year because of the fall in the krona currency and high import tariffs on imported goods, Ogmundsson said, making it impossible for the company to raise prices further and remain competitive with competitors that use locally sourced produce.

A Big Mac in Reykjavik already retails for 650 krona ($5.29). But the 20 percent increase needed to make a decent profit would have pushed that to 780 krona ($6.36), he said.

That would have made the Icelandic version of the burger the most expensive in the world, a title currently held jointly by Switzerland and Norway where it costs $5.75, according to The Economist magazine's 2009 Big Mac index.

The decision to shutter the Icelandic franchise was taken in agreement with McDonald's Inc., Ogmundsson said, after a review of several months.

"The unique operational complexity of doing business in Iceland combined with the very challenging economic climate in the country makes it financially prohibitive to continue the business," Theresa Riley, a spokeswoman at McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, said in a statement. "This complex set of challenges means we have no plans to seek a new partner in Iceland."

McDonald's, the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, arrived in Reykjavik in 1993 when the country was on an upward trajectory of wealth and expansion.

The first person to take a bite out of a Big Mac on the island was then-Prime Minister David Oddsson. Oddsson went on to become governor of the country's central bank, Sedlabanki, a position that he was forced out of by lawmakers earlier this year after a public outcry about his inability to prevent Iceland's financial crisis.

Lyst plans to reopen the stores under a new brand name, Metro, using locally sourced materials and produce and retaining the franchise's current 90-strong staff.

Ogmundsson said it was unlikely that Lyst would ever seek to regain the McDonald's franchise with Iceland still struggling to get back on its feet after the credit crisis crippled its overweight banking system, damaging the rest of its economy, last October.

"I don't think anything will happen that will change the situation in any significant way in the next few years," Ogmundsson said.

It is not the first time that McDonald's, which currently operates in more than 119 countries on six continents, has exited a country. Its one and only restaurant in Barbados closed after just six months in 1996 because of slow sales. In 2002, the company pulled out of seven countries, including Bolivia, that had poor profit margins as part of an international cost-cutting exercise.

AP Business Writer Jane Wardell reported from London. AP Retail Writer Ashley Heher contributed to this report from Chicago.

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My comment:

Owh yeah. Big Mac is expensive. Big Mac = McDonald. Thank God KFC franchises in Malaysia ade owned by Malaysian now.

It's Finally Over, "A Day with PR 2009"

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Sekarang dah kurang busy. mari ambil peluang ini untuk update blog.

Before ADwPR 09

2 minggu aku yg sebelum ini adalah minggu2 yang paling sibuk. Tak lupa juga 1 minggu sebelum cuti raya. I got presentations almost every two days and several datelines to meet. Belum masuk task aku as a Special Task committee - Multimedia presentation, prepare excuse letter, parking lot reservation, prepare tag, souvenirs, souvenirs giving, prepare kit for participants, prepare program books, find photographers, registration table. Thanks sangat2 to Pub n Pro to take in charge of the registration and thanks sangat2 gak to Sponsorship bureau sebab partially take in charge of the souvenirs. Kawan2 yang melihat to-do-list aku berasa pelik:

"Er.. Jai, knaper kau kena buat multimedia dgn excuse letter wei? pelik dowh. Bnyk sgt ke task Secretary and Prep&Tech sampai ko kena buat kerja diorang?"

Bile buat checklist ape yang dah buat dan yang belum buat, Ta Daa... sampai 2 pages to-do-list aku.Tak cukup tidur aku jadinye. Ini of course dah jadi benda biasa bagi kebanyakan students. Ape yang membezakannya ialah berapa hari yang aku tak cukup tido tu dan kemampuan diri aku.

Setiap kali aku tengok to-do-list aku, aku rasa susah nak bernafas. 2 pages of to-do-list, and the program are just around the corner - this is too much for me. Beyond my capability. I can't do this all by myself. Doa2 harian aku mula penuh dgn doa2 untuk mencari kekuatan untuk melakukan semua ini.

"Ya Allah, aku sabar dgn apa jua cabaran dan dugaan Kau berikan kepada aku, dan aku tak kan menyesal atau menyalahkan sesiapa. Aku redha dgn semua ini kerana aku tahu Kau telah menyediakan sesuatu yang lebih baik untuk aku kelak. Apa yang aku mahu, Kau berikan aku kekuatan and permudahkan juga semua urusanku. Amin..."

Kisah Tag

Tag adalah kerja yang aku buat all-out sebelum cuti raya sampai tak tido malam. Ape yang mencabar disini ialah semua committee members are paying RM10 for each tag. sebab diorg nak material keras. fuyyoh. Msg yang sampai kpd aku ialah, "kau kena buat yang tag yang terbaik untuk diorang nih!" Serious weh. aku dah lama gile tak design tag. And ini pertama kali aku conduct photography session. So jawabnye, ramai la yang tak berpuas hari dgn kualiti gambar diorang. Ade yang cakap nampak lebih tembam, lebih gelap, lebih cerah, ade yang complaint nampak lebih cantik pon ade. Aku yg amatur bab2 fotography and buat tag ni tak dapat nak technically detect apakah punca masalah sumer ini. Kalau ade orang pakar sudi nak tengok tag2 aku dan bagi pendapat, silakan ye. Kalau tak aku tak belajar ape2 yang baru dalam aktiviti buat tag kali ini.

Yang ni Emilia menjadi saksi. The final part yang aku buat dlm tag tu ialah cover belakang tag. aku tulis phone number sumer head committee. Masa tu dah pukul 12am. Mata dah ngantok. Emi pon dok menunggu dgn tabah tag aku sehingga siap di HS Cafe. Tengah2 taip nama sumer komiti - dah siap taip n design dah pon. Tibe2 semuanye hilang. Dari A sampai Z. Ya ampoooon.... Terus aku jadi segar. Ape aku da tekan? Adoi. Last2, aku suro Emi baca sumer nama komiti dan phone number, aku taip laju2. So akibatnye page belakang jadi hentam keromo. Capitalize dan yang tak capital habis campur adok. Maaf ye kawan2. huhu.

Kisah souvenir

Aku beli souvenir sedikit demi sedikit. takut nanti kang ade terlebih beli. banyak duit aku dan komiti aku habis nak beli souvenir untuk VIP n speakers. Alhamdulillah. ramai yang tolong aku urusakan hal souvenir time last2 minute. Kesimpulan aku: Kita kena jadi realistik. kena tahu kemampuan kita. Kalau kita dah tak sempat, tandanya itu diluar kemampuan kita lah tu. Dan kita jugak tak boleh untuk berada di dua tempat pada satu masa yang sama. Don't keep it to yourself. Mintak tolong orang lain yang free. So disini aku bagi special thanks to Yana (My PM) dan sponsorship bureau yang sudi hulurkan bantuan uruskan hal souvenir.

Aku rasa aku dan komiti aku dah over budget beli souvenir. total up, kitorang dah habiskan RM200 just for souvenirs. Ya Allah. Dapat claim ke tak nanti. Kesian kat salah sorang subcomm aku. at least kalau dah dapat claimkan budget untuk dia dulu pon, aku dah sangat bersyukur. Yang aku kecewa kat sini ialah at the end of the program. Aku dapati ada pulak souvenir yang lebih. Ya Allah sedihnya aku tengok souvenir tu. 2 souvenir tu total cost RM60. Nanti dapat diclaim ke tak tu?

Kisah program book & backdrop

Alhamdulillah. program book aku memuaskan ramai pihak. Sangat2 berterima kasih kepada semua yang buat grammar check. Yana. Sir Aznan. Mira. Brape banyak kali buat grammar check and editing. Sentiasa ada silap. Itu aku anggap sebagai kelemahan diri aku. Grammar check yang terakhir dilakukan pada waktu maghrib by Mira. Huhu. Ni part yang best nie. Dari siang buat grammar check tak de pon yang perasan aku tulis tarikh salah kat program book tu - 13 August. Padahal program 8 Oktober. nasib baik la aku suruh adik aku buat final check dgn Mira malam tu, walaupon Sir Aznan dan Yana dah lepaskan program book tu. (Masa tu aku kat luar tgh beli hadiah untuk rector. Aku mintak adik aku - which is one of the committee members to handle the grammar checking) So aku rasa mira atau adik aku la yang betul kan tarikh tu pakai fotoshop (bukan aku sebab aku ade urusan lain ketika itu - membeli hadiah untuk rector)

From one issue to another (How fool of me)

Next day on the morning, aku terlintas untuk tukar desktop wallpaper laptop yang akan digunakan sepanjang program ADwPR 09. Sebab current wallpaper time tu ntah ape2. So aku tak de pulak design any specific wallpaper untuk hari tu. Aku pon dengan la la la nye ambik je cover page program book (seperti gambar diatas) yang ADE KESILAPAN PADA TARIKH (13 AUGUST 09) UNTUK DIJADIKAN WALLPAPER PADA HARI PROGRAM 8 OCTOBER TU. Aku langsung tak sedar tarikh wallpaper tu salah. Aku telah diinform pada malamnye. But it was very lightly informed until aku betul2 terlupa tentang isu tarikh silap itu. Damn how stupid I am. If kalau korang tanya what will be the main reason of my recklessness, aku rasa kerana aku terlalu letih ketika mendesign program book tu. Malam sebelum tu pon aku dgn adik aku tak tidur buat program book. (which is aku dah tak ingat dah bila kali terakhir aku dapat appropriate sleep)

Aku harap semua pihak dapat memaafkan aku. Ntah la ape komen Dr.Norbaiduri bile baca backdrop tu. Takut gile aku nak jumpa dia for the next time. Tu belum lagi Rector dan Shameem Abd Jalil. Kesian committee2 ADwPR 08 yg berkerja keras untuk lihat Opening ceremony ADwPR 09 berjalan lancar. Kesian Sir Aznan dgn Yana yang tengah duduk sebelah rector time tu. Ape la agaknye perasaan diorang. Oleh itu aku ingin melakukan public apology di sini kepada semua yang telah terlibat dalam program ADwPR 09. I will pay more attention on this issue in the future.

Some task left

Ok. Some task left. Certificate, excuse letter, (again, why me doing the excuse letter? secretary is so busy or what?) and to conduct a post-morterm. I will try my best to finish everyting by next week.

Thanks for reading. Dah lama aku tak buat entry panjang2.

Inviting bloggers to Participate in a Survey

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OK. Let's get straight to the point shall we...
This semester, my group members and I are taking the subject COMM 4420: Public Opinion and Persuasion. As for the assignment, we are required to conduct a research related to “Public Opinion”. Therefore, we have chosen a topic entitled Monitoring the Blogging Fever among Bloggers from IIUM. We have decided that our target participants are bloggers who are currently and were formerly studying in IIUM.
After thinking for few days and discussing with my friends on how to approach all of you, (yes, you!) I have decided to seek an assistance from the Admin of He agreed to help me. Therefore, I am doing this survey in collaboration with the Admin of He has provided me with a list of e-mail addresses of all of those who have registered under He also checked my survey form for any grammatical mistakes as well . Not to forget, Max J Potter who has checked my consent letter. Thank you so much to both of you and I highly appreciate it.
As mentioned above, my target participants are bloggers from IIUM. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to answer this survey form. I have put a link to the consent letter and the survey form below. I will also send an email to those who have registered under The reward? All of you will be blessed by Allah S.W.T. Insha Allah. =)
By the way, I am doing this research quite late. Therefore, you need to submit the survey form before 1st October 2009. Well, all of us just return from our hometown right? I sincerely sorry for any inconvieniences. Lastly, thank you for your cooperation. I highly appreciate it from the very bottom of my heart.

Salam Aidilfitri to all

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To all muslims, hopefully this is a better Ramadhan for everyone compared to previous years. I would like to take this opportunity to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" and "Maaf Zahir Batin".

Maaf ku pinta dari hujung rambut hingga ke jari kaki terakhir. Kite kira 0-0 dan marilah kita buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih. Sekian...

Big Apple 2

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Tadi bukak facebook, ade update terbaru dari Big Apple. Big Apple dah officially release their first commercial ad! Comel je. 17 saat. huhu... Congratulation Big Apple. I'm looking forward to watch your PSA someday. Tema xnak kalah. "Now you know what angels eat". hahaha... All the best!

Big Apple 1

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The left side is the Malaysia Brand Logo, and the right side is the International Brand Logo

Hari ini aku berbuka puasa dengan beberapa senior aku di Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju. Seperti biasa, aku pasti sempat singgah unutk beli Big Apple sebelum berbuka. Aku menyatakan kepada mereka bahawa aku bangga jadi penggemar Big Apple sebab Big Apple produk Malaysia. Mereka tidak percaya. Hai... Akak, bukak la website Big Apple kak... semuanya diterangkan dengan jelas kak... Geram betol rasanye kalau ade yang tak percaya. huhu...

Tekan gambar tu. Aku nak korang baca ape yang tertulis kat image tu betol2. Big Apple is originated from Malaysia. Untuk maklumat yang lebih lanjut, sila layari website mereka di Satu lagi untuk pengetahuan umum, Big Apple is a healthy food. So, kalau korang tak makan donut Big Apple dengan alasan "Manis la. Tak elok untuk kesihatan", than I think your reason is not valid.

Proposed Date: 2nd July 2010

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Baru2 nie some bloggers ade post beberapa trailers yang mereka nanti2 untuk direleasekan, samada mereka mahu tonton di cinema ataupon download dari internet. Jadi, mari aku tunjuk satu trailer ini pulak. Kalau some novel readers are waiting for "Percy Jackson & the Olympians", kami animation lovers sedang menunggu kemunculan movie "The Last Airbender". Nampak je kepala botak budak nie, aku dah naik teruja nak tgk movie nie. Mari2 kita lihat trailer movie ini:

Ok. Sekarang anda semua dah tahu kemunculan movie ini pada tahun 2nd July 2010 (Hey! It's on my birthday!) . "The last Airbender". Sape yang pernah tengok cartoon ini pasti tahu bahawa ianya sangat best. Kami menanti2kan setiap episodenya setiap minggu. Aku dah tengok dari season 1 sampai season 3. Memang best. Maka muncul lah isu ini. M. Night Shyamalan (The Happening, Lady in the Water, The Village, Signs) yang menjadi director movie ini. Sesetengah movienya bagus, sesetengah movienya adalah tak memuaskan. Animasi "Avatar: The Last Airbender" mempunyai reputasi yang sangat bagus. Punyai peminat yang sangat ramai. Jika penonton tidak berpuas hati dengan movie ini, dia pasti akan dikritik dengan sangat dasyat sekali. At least, aku sendiri akan kutuk dia kaw2 dalam blog aku nanti. Jadi kita tunggu kemunculan "The Last Airbender" di pawagam. Sebelum aku tamatkan post ini, tontonilah jugak trailer ini. "Avatar: The Last Airbender", which is the original/cartoon version.

Hey Mr! Do you have the experience to make this movie very very very very very awesome?? The movie better be good! Or you'll dead! XD

By the way, happy fasting to all Muslims. May this Ramadhan is a better Ramadhan for each one of you...

Kisah Minggu Lepas

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OK. Aku nak update blog laju-laju.

Minggu lepas ade 3rd National Internship Challenge 2009. Saingan sangat sengit. UIA hanya hantar satu team. Universiti lain hantar 2 - 3 team. So membuatkan aku sangat respect kepada team UIA yang berjaya dapat tempat pertama dulu. So Team kami 'Vibration' tak dapat masuk Top 3. Mula-mula asyik down memanjang. Sekarang dah ok sikit. Dah pasrah. Biasa la tu. Menang kalah adat pertandingan. Lagipun kami dapat hadiah kategori "Most Collected Survey Forms". Boleh tahan sedap gak bunyinye. Tahniah Vibration. Kalau ade rezeki kita berusaha lagi.

Tapi ade yang menang sebab main tipu. Sounds to direct isn't it? Well, that's the fact. Kalau aku ditempat diorang, aku tak kan berasa gembira dengan kemenangan aku. Jobmarket pon satu. Sepatutnya perlu lebih peka, dan pupuk kan modul-modul kejujuran dalam pengisian aktiviti anda. Ataupon, anda memang mahu menyampaikan mesej kepada kami bahawa "Kalau tak main tipu, korang tak kan menang." ataupon "Nak jadi usahawan yang berjaya tak dapat elak dari corruptionn dan sebagainya." Begitu ke?

By the way, setelah menitik beratkan dari semua aspek, aku berpendapat perjalanan Jobmarket Malaysia Sdn. bhd. masih jauh berdekad sebelum berjaya meraih status 'Professional'. Jadi aku bagi satisfaction rate aku terhadap Jobmarket sebanyak 3/5.

Akhir kata, tahniah buat semua pemenang 3rd National Level Internship Challenge 2009. Semoga Jobmarket juga akan jadi lebih bagus dan lebih baik pada masa akan datang.

Bergambar bersama peserta kumpulan Great Team Organization (GTO) dari Universiti Malaya Pahang (UMP)

Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir yang merasmikan majlis pembukaan pada pagi itu sedang beramah mesra dengan para peserta

And verily my champions, that our real journey is not yet even started. The real working environment is much tougher than this. Today, we might be at the bottom. You all just wait and see, we will be at the top again someday. Thanks for all your support and commitment towards the internship program. I will never ever forget the experiences that we gain together.

OMG! It's Damn Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is a very important date to me.

It's from 12th August to 14th August 2009.

"Why you so nervous Jai?"

"OMG! Of course I am damn nervous. We are representing IIUM you moron! Dr.Aldila from ALUMNI and the rector himself are putting high expectation on us."

Dear readers, please pray for the success of IIUM team. We are facing many challenging teams from the other universities, such as UTP, UiTM, MMU and many more. In addition, mempertahankan takhta is not an easy task. CHAIYOK2 Jai! I need all the support that I can get. Hait!

Click this for more info

International Career Carnival 2009

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Saya baru je balik dari Mid Valley. Tolong angkat barang dan buat ape-ape yang patut. Tadi ade sedikit discussion dan rehearsal.Saya jadi volunteer. Tolong Dr. Aldila uruskan pelajar2 yang akan di interview esok.

Sila datang beramai2. Grab the opportunity, disamping meramaikan majlis di Mid Valley esok. Let's support our university's effort.

Tagged by Max. Are you mean and sarcastic?

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Objective: Are you mean and sarcastic? Have you ever answered people ‘meanly’ and sarcastically? If yes, show us how mean and sarcastic you are! If no, then you should try at least once in your life with this note.

Rule: Respond to these as sarcastic/mean as you could. (YR stands for Your Response.)

Dear readers, I apologize in advance if you found my responds are offensive. Tak terniat pon...

If an annoying person says:
1) I am cute.
YR: Nope...

2) I am the most beautiful/handsome.
YR: Please la... tengok cermin...

3) See, everyone likes me because I am rich and famous!
YR: Astaghfirullahal'azim...

4) Unlike you, I am perfectly multi-skilled. I do everything very well from sports to academic thingy.
YR: Riak dan takabbur. Itu je la yang kau tahu...

5) You don’t know me? I am Bruneian artist; I have albums.

YR: I don't care...

If an annoying hot woman/man says:
1) I know you like me.
YR: Eh. Awak, tolong jangan perasan... =)

2) What are you looking at? I am not interested in you!
YR: Orang2 macam kau nie, untuk terima jelingan mata aku pon tak layak.

3) Sorry, you are nice but seriously not my type!
YR: Eh? Seriously? Since when you are even my type?

4) UNLESS you are rich, then don’t dream that I will get a ride with you!
YR: Eh. You know something? You won't even have a chance to ride my bicycle. Ape lagi kalau kau nak naik BMW 5 series aku...

5) Look, I am pretty/handsome; I can make people hate you!
YR: Look, I am more handsome than you; I can make crowds chasing you down n beat you to death!

If an annoying extremely ugly woman/man says:
1) I think you and I can make a good couple.
YR: You are not even my type.

2) May I have your cell phone? Please please please?
YR: Nak buat ape? Kau ni sape?

3) Hi, wanna hang out? I want you to be with me the whole night.
YR: Dah ade teman...

4) What do you like about me?
YR: Nothing... awak tu biasa je...

5) I want you to say that I am pretty/handsome and you like me sooooo much!
YR: Aku rasa nak muntah. Aku kena pegi bilik air sekarang. Seriously...

If your enemy says:
1) Hi bitch!
YR: Are you referring to yourself?

2) You smell like shit!
YR: hehe... baik kau pegi jumpa doktor hidung sekarang...

3) What an ugly creature you are!
YR: Mulut kau memang bab*

4) I am going to kick your ass in this race for sure!
YR: You'll do that, I'll hire a group of mobsters to beat you down...

If your annoying ex says:
1) I still love you...
YR: Its normal. Everyone loves me. So...?

2) I know you still love me!
YR: Seriously, I'm not...

3) Please, go back with me honey/hubby.
YR: Impossible...

4) Please call me...
YR: Give me ten good reasons.

5) The break up hurt me so much.
YR: So...?

If an annoying salesperson says:
1) Wow! You are so pretty/handsome!
YR: Ahh... that script again...

2) Seriously, I used this product and I've changed!
YR: What a touching story...

3) We are giving a discount up to 50%!
YR: I only going to take it for free...

4) This one is good sir/madam. Buy sir/madam, buy.
YR: Do you hear what I just said, I only going to take it for free...



Conclusion: It sound sure offensive if I talk to someone that annoys me... hahaha.. I even annoy myself sometime... Luckily, none of my friends annoy me. Dan saya sayang anda semua sangat2. (^^,)v

Who am I going to tag? Tak tahu lah. Kalau korang rasa tag ni menarik, sila lah jawab. hehehe...

Tribute To Kak Sha

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First of all, I want to apologize for attributing this post to you without your permission.

I know if I ask your permission, you will say, "Ish... xpayah la Jai. Nak buat ape tribute2 nie". Of course, if you are still around to stop me...

Kau Sahabat Kau Teman


Telah tiba saat waktu kau tinggalkan kami

Kerana takdir yang Maha Esa telah menetapkan

Sedih rasanya hati ini bila mngenangkan

Kau sahabatku kau teman sejati


Tulus ikhlasmu luhur budimu bagai tiada pengganti

Senyum tawamu juga katamu menghiburkan kami

Memori indah kita bersama terus bersemadi

Kau sahabatku kau teman sejati


Sudah ditakdirkan kau pergi dulu

Di saat kau masih diperlukan

Tuhan lebih menyayangi dirimu

Ku pasrah diatas kehendak yang Esa


( korus )

Ya Allah,tempatkannya di tempat yang mulia

Tempat yang dikau janjikan nikmat untuk hamba Mu

Sahabatku akan ku teruskan perjuangan ini

Walau ku tahu kau tiada di sisi


Perjuangan kita masih jauh beribu batu

Selagi roh masih di jasad hidup diteruskan

Sedih rasa hati ini mengenangkan dikau

Bagai semalam kau bersama kami


( korus )
Moga amanlah dan bahagia dikau di sana

Setangkai doa juga Fatehah terus kukirimkan

Moga di sana kau bersama para solehin

Ku sahabatku kau teman sejati

Dah enam tahun dah Jai kenal akak. Nampaknye, angka tu berhenti disitu je lah ye. 6 tahun. Lepas habis je IPTIM masa kat matrik dulu, akak layan Jai macam adik akak sendiri. Akak sentiasa ada untuk Jai masa Jai perlukan akak. Hehe... Tapi Jai mengaku, Jai memang sgt aktif join program masa kat matrik dulu. So end up Jai yang xdapat nak luangkan sangat masa Jai dengan akak.

Tak lama kemudian, Yassin come and join us. Dia kawan rapat Jai. Ape yang Jai nak, dia nak jugak. hahaha. Program ape yang Jai join, mesti Yassin pon nak join jugak. Sabo je la. hahaha. So, akak akhirnya layan kami berdua macam adik akak sendiri. Since that, akak nak tau x? Kami sentiasa bersaing nak dapat perhatian akak tau. hahaha. Jai rasa jelous tau kalau akak bagi lebih perhatian n lebih mesra dgn Yassin... Jai dapat rasa kak... Jai baca mesej2 akak dalam henset Yassin... Jai nampak mcmn akak sangat hepi setiap kali brjumpa dengan Yassin. Jai pulak xdapat mesej2 dari akak macam Yassin dapat. Dan expression akak jumpa Jai tak segembira kalau akak jumpa Yassin. Mmm.. Naper ye kak?

Masa tu, sy dah masuk tahun ke dua kat UIA Gombak. Atas beberapa sebab tertentu, Jai jadi rengang dengan akak. Pada masa itu, Jai dapat rasa betapa jai penting bagi akak. Pada masa tu, akak menangis dan cakap kat Jai "Please return back my former brother". Akak buat Jai rasa sangat2 terharu time tu. The fear of losing us at that time finally forced you to spill it out. Akak ade cancer SLE. and it is incurable. Jai rasa macam nak mati masa dengar akak ade cancer time tu...

Selepas itu, tak banyak pon perkembangan yang berlaku... Kita masih agak rengang. Lebih kurang awal tahun nie, 2009. Jai mula kembali kerap mencari akak... I need all the support I can get at that time. Dan Jai percaya Jai masih ade akak. Tapi... Jai rasa akak macam nak mengelakkan diri dari Jai. Akak cakap akak sentiasa sibuk. Belum ada masa lagi untuk Jai. Oleh itu, Jai biarkan akak dgn life akak terlebih dahulu, trying to be an understanding brother. Dan Jai nak akak tahu, tiap2 hari Jai tunggu akak contact Jai, just at least Jai nak tau akak ade terlintas untuk tanya khabar Jai atau tak.

Lepas sekian lama tak dengar khabar akak, tibe2 pada pagi tu Jai dapat that sad news. Akak, akak fikir ape Jai rasa time tu? The last time I saw you was 3 months ago. And the next time I saw you...

Akak ingat, dengan menjauhkan diri or tak bagitahu ape yang terjadi pada diri akak, akak ingat semua orang akan lega n senang hati ke? I'm not kak... I'm not... I am deeply missing you... You left me at the time when I needed you the most...


At least, I have a chance to lunch with you for the last time while there are others who don't...

At least, I have a chance to send you back home once while there are others who don't...

At least, I have a chance to ask for your forgiveness in my last message that I send to you while there are others who don't...

Thank you...

Semoga akak, Safawati Rustamin, (23rd March 1985 - 16th July 2009) sentiasa dicucuri rahmat Allah S.W.T. Mari kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat beliau...

Dari Profile Friendster beliau

Gambar ni sy ambik senyap2 masa Kak Sha tertido dlm LRT. Hehe... Kak Sha cakap sy gile... ;p

Tiket bas Rapid KL nie, sampai sekarang sy simpan lagi. Sebab ade tarikh lahir akak kat situ. Selama 6 tahun nie, sy tak pernah terlepas nak wish birthday akak kan?.... Ade la jugak certain years yang sy terlambat wish...

Download Link: Kau Sahabat Kau Teman

For more information on SLE, click here

Awarded by Atiqah

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award nih diberikan oleh Nurul Atiqah. Thanks tqa... =)

>> 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award nih..

:: Tqa ni ahli Kelab AKHI, kirenye dia nie jadi apprentice aku lah. huhu..

:: Tqa xmakan daging! Pelik betol. Sgt suke pizza. Tapi tu pon xnak gak makan pizza ade daging. Kata sgt suke pizza. adoyai. Hahaha...

:: Tqa ni penyegan orangye. Tapi boleh gile2 la jugak. ;D

:: Seorang yang mendengar nasihat. (setakat nie la. Harap2nye akan sentiasa berterusan. haha.. ;p)

:: She needs to grow up. She has a lot to learn about life.

>>Tulis 10 fakta/hobi tentang diri sndiri sbelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.. (banyaknye)

|> Sangat suka semua yang berkaitan dgn teknologi. That includes computer and gadgets.

|> Pelupa

|> Value friendship

|> Humanitarian soul

|> Sangat suka kucing

|> Suka benda2 manis. Big Apple is currently top in my list. ^^

|> Loves calmness

Ape lagi ye.. ade lagi 3 nie...

|> Hari ni hari lahir aku.

|> Jadi umurku sekarang genap 23 tahun

|> Anak sulong kepada 5 orang adik-beradik lelaki. and no girls yet.

>> Pilih penerima award seterusnya..n describe tentang mereka..

Adlan - Rakan seperjuangan

Usamah - He carries the same blood as mine.

Dik Nor - Adik angkat aku sejak aku tingkatan 5

Ayu - Her sister. She's married

Roha - Kami sekepala

Movie Review - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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Hehe... aku pon tak tau nak komen ape pasal movie nie. Rasanya semua org berpuas hati dengan movie nie. Dan rasanya most of you already went to cinema to watch this incredible movie.

Ramai kawan2 cakap, "Serious wei. Aku asyik tak de chance nak tgk Transformers kat wayang. Tiket asyik habis je."

Aku pon jawab, "Aku dah tengok dah. Best gile wei. Susah aku nk terangkn kat ko. Best! Dah la dua jam stengah diorang buat movie tu. huhu..." Tertekan diorg. Hahaha... Tak pe2. Rezeki korang pasti akan datangnye. Habis cikai download kat internet. Tapi perasaan dia xsama la dgn tengok kat wayang. Transformers kot~.

So basically, movie nie mengexplain dengan lagi dalam ape itu transformers, asal-usul, misi diorg dan macam2 lagi. Aku jugak dapat tahu melalui movie nie yang Optimus Prime bukan calang2 transformers seperti kebanyakan transformers yang lain. He is a legend. Satu2nya golongan prime yang masih hidup selepas berkurun lamanya selain daripada the Fallen. Mantap! Golongan prime nie mcmn nak describe ye... Kiranya macam golongan atasan diraja la gitu. Asal2nya ade 7 kesemuanya. Lagi satu part yang best, Optimus Prime can fly! Cayalah! Muahaha. Habis aku spoilkan mood korang yang belom tengok. Hahaha...

Hai... best gile la movie nie. Buat masa nie cume satu je pendapat aku. Masa tengok Transformers yang nombor 1 dulu, kekuatan Megatron dgn Optimus Prime nampak equal. Optimus hampir kalah lagi kpd Megatron. Berbeza dgn Transformers yang kali ini, 3 Decepticons bergabung tenaga, baru dapat bunuh Optimus Prime. (Yup, Optimus Prime mati beb) Punya la kuat Optimus Prime. Dan punya la kuat gak Optimus Prime tu, nak dijadikan cerita, hanya dia je yang boleh kalahkan the Fallen. The Fallen tu... kekuatan dia memang imba habisla. Siap ade telekenesis power lagi. huhuhu... Best2.

Satu lagi, yang korang tengok dalam trailer tu, yang ade satu transformer tayar besar tu, yang macam gergasi tu, tu cume intro je baru. Kacang gile Optimus kalahkan ngokngek tu. Gile imba Optimus Prime dimataku ketika itu. huhu...

Ops, sebelum sy terlupa. Nah. New song from Linkin Park - New Divide

So, anyone of you already watched for the second time?

A Precious Half Day with Mdm Martinelli Hashim

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Pada pukul 8.15am, aku dan Adha tiba di Mini Audi. Masih belum ade orang disitu. Nampak macam tak de event pon. Jadi aku confirmkan semula dgn Ikhwan.

"Salam Ikhwan. Venue talk pagi nie kat mane?"

"Kat edu LT 2. Tlg bg tau yg lain." Ikhwan membalas. Jadi kami terus ke EDU LT 2.


Pukul 9 lebih - Dari atas, aku mula nampak Madam Martinelli masuk ke dalam LT. Muka beliau adalah di antara muka yang aku sentiasa ingin lihat dan rindu2kan. Dirinya penuh dengan sifat keibuan.

Hampir 2 tahun aku jarang mendekati program2 CENSERVE. Pada saat itu, jauh dalam lubuk hatiku, aku terdetik, "Agaknye madam ingat lagi ke tak kat aku nie... Bertuahnye klu dia still ingat kat aku..."

Beliau naik ke pentas setelah dijemput untuk untuk memberikan talk beliau tentang "A Training Guide for Volunteer Mentors". Perkara pertama yg diminta ialah untuk memenuhkan ruang2 kosong dihadapan. Aku terus segera bangun untuk ke hadapan.

Tiba2, satu suara memanggilku, “Jai?”

“Jai? Lamanye tak nampak Jai. Dah grad ke?” Madam Martinelli yang panggil dari atas pentas. Beliau masih ingat saya. T_____T

Aku hanya mampu menjawab beberapa patah sahaja ketika itu. “Belum lagi…” Perasaan bersalah terkinja-kinja datang ke dalam hati… Ke mana aku menghilang selama ini…

Beliau memberikan senyuman ikhlas kepadaku. Senyuman beliau tidak pernah gagal membuatkan ku rasa tersentuh di hati. “Jai ni orang lama AKHI ni. Dah lama tak nampak dia. Madam ingatkan dia dah grad. Nak tahu perkembangan dia cuma ikut blog dia je...” Katanya dikalayak ramai. Perasaan bersalah makin masuk laju2 ke dalam hati. “Jai mintak maaf madam… Jai mintak maaf…” kata hatiku…



Madam Martinelli mulakan ucapannya dengan menyentuh tentang commitment terlebih dahulu.

Commitment = Pledge or bind to a course, intention, policy or use

Dalam berbelas ribu pelajar UIA, berapa ramai yang menyertai kelab2 khidmat masyarakat UIA? Dan di antara mereka yang menyertai kelab2 ini, berapa ramai yang boleh kekal memberikan komitmen dalam melakukan program khidmat masyarakat dan dakwah ini?

Terdapat 4 cabaran yang terpaksa dihadapi oleh mereka yang berjuang atas jalan yang benar. Dan anak-anak generasi mendatang akan menghadapi cabaran yg lebih kuat daripada kita:

  • Persekitaran

  • Penyakit

  • Bencana Alam

  • Hedonisme

Beliau menerangkan bahawa 3 cabaran yang pertama adalah takdir dan ketentuan Allah S.W.T. Tetapi, budaya hedonisme boleh dicegah. Budaya hedonisme adalah taktik halus yang digunakan oleh mereka yang mahu menghancurkan umat Islam.

Hedonism = The ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.


Sedang orang-orang Melayu Islam asyik berhibur (mat rempit, dadah etc), orang-orang Yahudi sedang giat mempraktikkan sistem mentoring yang sangat rapi dan terancang. Singapura sekarang turut mempraktikkan sistem tersebut secara serius. Pentingnya mentoring bagi mereka, sehinggakan mereka telah mewujudkan Minister Mentor. Sistem mentoring mereka sangat tersusun, sehingga diamalkan pada setiap peringkat umur dan lapisan masyarakat.


Madam Martinelli kemudian menimbulkan satu persoalan:


  • Mentoring is among the effective tool to reduce social and crime rate

  • Mentoring is a possible mind setting building tool to achieve “Gerakan Perubahan Minda”

Beliau bercerita sejak dari kecil lagi beliau mahu menjadi an extraordinary person. Sejak dari tingkatan 2, beliau berani mencabar undang-undang sekular sekolah dengan memakai seluar panjang dan tudung, sedangkan sekolah tersebut melarang pemakaian demikian.

Ketika di Universiti Malaya, beliau turut melakukan gerakan dalam menegakkan agama Islam dan dakwah. Apabila UIAM ditubuhkan pada tahun 1983, beliau sangat gembira kerana beliau telah menjumpai saluran yang beliau impi-impikan sejak dahulu lagi dalam usaha untuk melakukan perubahan minda terhadap generasi2 mendatang. Beliau mahu semua anak didik dan mentor2nya mempunyai fikiran seperti beliau, untuk menjadi extraordinary person dan berani melakukan gerakan dalam memperjuangkan agama.



Mentoring is a matter of trust. Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement… (aku xsempat nak salin habis definasi beliau terhadap mentor... -,-")



Mengikut pemahamanku, sistem mentoring yang sebenar-benarnya adalah seperti sistem pyramid yang diamalkan dalam MLM (Multi-level Marketing system).

Mereka yang dilantik menjadi mentor akan melatih beberapa orang mentee. Bila para mentee sudah bersedia, mereka akan menjadi mentor kepada mentee2 baru. Orang-orang Yahudi dan Kerajaan Singapura sedang mempraktikkan sistem ini. Dalam jangka masa panjang, kesan sistem ini pasti akan dapat dilihat. Orang-orang Yahudi yang hebat sekarang adalah kesan daripada sistem mentoring mereka yang sangat berkesan. Melalui sistem mentoring seperti ini, visi “Pergerakan Perubahan Minda” boleh dicapai.

Pada pandangan aku, mentoring adalah satu kaedah yang sangat effektif. Bila tiba masanya, selepas satu jangka masa yang panjang, para mahasiswa yang bernaung di bawah CENSERVE, termasuk semua yang pernah menjadi mentor dan mentee sebelum ini, boleh berkumpul dan melakukan satu gerakan untuk membentuk rakyat yang lebih baik dan bertamadun.



  • Sincere desire

  • Respect young people

  • Listen actively

  • Empathize

  • See solution and opportunities

  • Be flexible and open

Madam Martinelli berkata, yang paling penting ialah mempunyai kesedaran tanggungjawab terhadap Allah untuk mendidik/mengubah/masyarakat/generasi mendatang. Bila kesedaran itu ada, skill-skill yang selebihnya akan datang dengan sendiri. Dan antara skill semulajadi tersebut ialah dengan menyayangi mereka.



  • Touch

  • Looking (eye-contact)

Sentuhan dan pandangan boleh merendahkan ego kedua-dua pihak, samada mentor ataupun mentee

  • Gift

Pemberian hadiah dari seorang mentor kepada mentee adalah sangat penting untuk meyakinkan mentee bahawa mereka boleh mempercayai kita

  • Experience

Sentiasa berhubung dengan mentee untuk mendapatkan pengalaman dan memahami mereka. Salah satu cara ialah dengan sentiasa hadir dalam setiap mentoring program.

  • Reading

Mentor sentiasa perlu ada pengetahuan2 tambahan dalam minda mereka. Mentor yang banyak membaca juga boleh menyarankan mentee2 membaca bahan bacaan yang bagus seperti blog dan sebagainya.


Sebagai penutup, Madam Martinelli menyarankan bahawa setiap ahli2 CENSERVE perlu ada sifat2 Rasulullah S.A.W.:

  • Siddiq

  • Amanah

  • Tabligh

  • Fathanah

Akhir sekali, selepas anda semua membaca post ini, mari semak kembali.

  • Does it improve your attitude?

  • Does it improve your skill?

  • Does it improve your knowledge?


Bagi aku, kepada siapa yang tak datang pada pagi 13 Jun itu adalah sangat rugi. Mempunyai peluang untuk mendengar semua ini dari mulut Madam Martinelli Hashim adalah sangat bermakna bagiku.

Persoalan yang terakhir:


Jika anda telah membaca post ini, anda adalah orang2 yang terpilih untuk menjadi mentor yang berjaya. Be responsible and be commitment towards your mentees and your club. Sekian…

Aku sempat bergambar dengan Madam sebelum beliau pulang... ^^