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Time Management

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For previous few weeks I was thinking a lot...

Everything that related with my schedule life at this IIUM. I think, my life was not pack enough, although I have lots of assignments... mid-terms... the never-ending AKHI programmes... MRC Ali...(for now, they didn't give any task to me yet.) This is just my first semester. But already being so active and hectic, just like I'm in the high class of the management board.

I started to feel tired finishing my assignments... less time sitting in library recently... studying last minutes for mid-terms... low career marks... it is not the same any more, like the first month... Where I am more committed in my study...

I started to feel worried... How was my mid-term marks... How was my unfinished assignments... What was they (my groups and friends) up to the assignments... are they concerned about the unfinished assignments?... are they thinking about me?... are they concerned about me?... is it okay for me and them since I spend less time with them?

But it is strange that I did nothing for the better of my study... and less time having fun with my friends... Sometimes I felt the ways they having fun was not the same with the way I am... Sometimes I felt they didn't worry about anything at all... just having fun... When I started to read a book, they say "Ko ni... rajin betul la..." Am I really that diligent?... I just thinking and worried...But doing nothing...

In fact, I felt better busying myself with the society... spend few ringgit for AKHI programs... Managing the events and systems in the the society... less sleep... less eat... Sometimes more headache... more worries...and more tiring...

My friends said... I am over active... am I really that active?... I think, other people in the society was just active the way I am... may be that's the way I spend my time and having fun... may be laughing around, smoking, watching movies every night, sitting at cafe for few hours, was not my style...

Is it every active person feel the way I feel? or it is just me? I think I already lost from the real path, that I am a student... came here to study... came here to fulfill my parents dreams... came here to decorate a bright path for my future... But, as I said, I did nothing to improved.

Am I really lost?... How about my friends?... are they lost?... I think the way I spend my time was more beneficial... I think my life was not so pack with never-ending activities, since I can still spend my time playing computer games... Blogging... Calculating my account books... Still have time to eat and sit with my friends.

What makes me feel so complicated?...What makes people think that I am complicated?... I am that complicated?... Is it hard for me to feel a simple life?... is it hard for people to view me as a simple person?... Or is it everything that I was thinking about is just my mind trap?

AKHI Motivational Camp. 2 - 5 February 2006

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I just finished my job scope as prep n tech this evening, after the equiptments were returned to their own department. Few of problems occurred during the program because of my own mistakes and careless ness. However, it wouldn't break my spirit to improved if i get another chance to be a committee.... but not prep n tech for a while.

It was quite shocking when I just knew that ROVAS didn't approved my request to use LT 2 & LT 4 ADMIN few minutes before the program. So, I went there to settle all the problems. Everything settled... but I was scolded by many P.I.C from the ROVAS, IP and also the Security Department. My mood was quite bad because I have to face all of that. I became more moody when all participants (kids) and facilitators must sit in a LT 2 & LT 4 without air-conditioner opened for two nights. I hope all of them are kind-hearted and very pleased to forgive me. T~T

On the last day, problems still occurred because of the previous approval problems and I was over slept and got scolded by the security guard in charge because of my late notification. During movie show (The Lion King), the LT 4 make it own problems. The class was blacked-out for 2 times. The kids started to raise their voice. But everything was under control. The movie finished smoothly and all the kids was happy again. :)

Thanks to Kak Miha (one of my trainers) because she is very kind to help me handling all the problems since this is my first experience at IIUM Gombak. Without her, things can got even worse.