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Super Junior @ KL

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POPULARITI muzik K-Pop (Korea Pop) tidak lagi asing pada halwa telinga peminat muzik tempatan. Malah ada segelintir pemuzik tempatan juga semakin berani mengetengahkan muzik berkenaan.

POPULARITI muzik K-Pop (Korea Pop) tidak lagi asing pada halwa telinga peminat muzik tempatan. Malah ada segelintir pemuzik tempatan juga semakin berani mengetengahkan muzik berkenaan.

Bagaimanapun, mungkin ia belum mencukupi apabila penyanyi kita cuba membawa pembaharuan dengan jalur muzik sedemikian. Oleh kerana itu kumpulan dari Korea, Super Junior dibawa khas untuk menghiburkan peminat tempatan di Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur pada 20 Mac depan.

Dibawa Redstar Presents, persembahan jelajah kedua Asia iaitu Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Malaysia 2010 dapat mendekatkan lagi peminat muzik dengan genre berkenaan.

Meskipun kumpulan ini pernah melawat Malaysia sebagai artis jemputan Majlis Anugerah MTV Asia pada 2008, kehadiran kali ini berlandaskan status fenomena luar biasa mereka.

Mengimbau kembali sejarah kumpulan ini, Super Junior pernah mencipta fenomena muzik pop seluruh dunia. Selain menerima anugerah Album Terbaik dan Kumpulan Paling Popular di tanah air sendiri, pencapaian mereka dihargai pelbagai anugerah antarabangsa seperti MTV Asia Awards dan Anugerah Muzik Hiburan CCTV 2008.

Walaupun baru lima tahun ditubuhkan, kumpulan ini berjaya menghasilkan 19 album, termasuk pelbagai runut bunyi. Mereka turut mempunyai sub-kumpulan sendiri iaitu Super Junior-KRY, Super Junior-M dan Super Junior-Happy yang menampilkan pelbagai bahasa, termasuk Jepun dan Mandarin dengan penampilan genre muzik berbeza.

Kumpulan ini mensasarkan peminat di Jepun, China, Taiwan dan beberapa negara Asia lain dengan menampilkan vokal secara acapella dan harmoni. Menarik bukan? Jika dilihat daripada pencapaian Super Junior, pasti ramai tidak sabar-sabar mahu menyaksikan persembahan mereka di pentas.

Tiket persembahan boleh didapati pada harga RM138 hingga RM458 di kaunter jualan T-Hop Zone, Tingkat 6, Plaza Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, anda boleh melayari laman web, atau menghubungi talian hotline Marctensia: 03 20921199 dan talian hotline Axcess Ticketing: 03 77115000.

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Another perspective - Best Free Antivirus

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Virus protection is serious business these days. All it takes is one password stealing virus to compromise your bank accounts and other financial accounts and leave you open for identity theft. That is why you need the best antivirus software for your computer. The good news is that the best antivirus software is free for home use and as good as any antivirus you can buy.

Why do these companies give away the best antivirus free? They all have pro versions with more features that they would like you to buy.

All three programs offer Windows versions. Avast is the only one of the three products that has a version for Macs.

I have to crown Avast as the overall best free antivirus for, among other reasons, having excellent virus and spyware detection rates according to antivirus test results from

Avast antivirus manages to provide a simple and functional user interface, while also being very customizable and feature complete. The active protection feature monitors seven different ways that a virus could enter your computer, including Web browsing, email, file sharing, and more.

Avast also features scanning on boot up if you choose to do so. That's something you don't want to do on every boot as it takes quite a while. However, if you suspect you have been exposed to a virus or spyware it is the best way to detect and remove active infections.

Avira is another one of the best free antivirus products, but it is not as full featured as Avast. The free version of Avira doesn't claim to protect against spyware, but I believe there is some crossover between what is defined as a virus and as spyware. If you want to make sure you are covered for spyware you can use something like SuperAntiSpyware which also has a free version.

Avira has an attractive interface, but it needed more tweaking to get things to function the way I wanted than did Avast. According to Avira rates slightly higher than Avast for virus detection. However, if the spyware tests were run on the free version of Avira the score would be very low since they reserve the antispyware feature for the paid version.

AVG is the most popular and one of the best free antivirus software products. AVG has a very polished user interface and is easy and comfortable to use. AVG detects both viruses and spyware in the free edition. However, in the test mentioned above the detection rate is a little lower than Avast or Avira.

The main thing that puts AVG last in my choices for best free antivirus is the amount of functionality left out of the free version verses the the paid version of the software. You still get good basic protection, but Avast and Avari cover more of the infection pathways than does AVG.

All three of these best free antivirus choices can be easily installed and uninstalled. You can feel free to try all of them to choose your favorite.

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Best Free Antivirus? Five Apps Put to the Test!

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Great question! There are lots of free antivirus applications, but I've never seen them directly compared. So I did the hard work for you, installing them each in turn on a test machine with about 16GB of data on it and running a full scan of each (including any options to scan inside compressed files). For each application I ran a complete or scan of the hard drive in the application's most thorough, high-priority mode. Otherwise, all default settings were left unchanged.

Below you'll find my notes about the interface, the software in general, and the time it took to run the system scan (plus how many files it actually scoured). While I can't provide much data on how effective these applications are at actually catching real viruses since I don't have a library of viruses to test, I have noted the detection rating for each app, which is a good barometer for this. (I've covered these ratings before.) Finally, I've ranked them from my most favorite to least favorite app below. (Note that I'm only covering antivirus software here, not anti-spyware software like Ad-Aware or Spybot.)

AOL Active Virus Shield - TOP PICK! - detection rating: 99.62%; total running time: 31 min, 16 sec; total files scanned: 224,565

The bad news: The software requires an email activation code (which means registering online, and which takes a long time to arrive). I also can't blame anyone for not entirely trusting anything with the AOL logo, but Kaspersky (see full review) actually provides the tech behind the antivirus software here, not AOL itself. It also installs an AOL search toolbar in your browser, ugh. The good news: The software is well designed and very easy to use. A progress bar appears during scans, along with estimated time of completion. Everything here looks on the up and up, and the detection rating is exemplary. I'm a little perplexed about the missing 70,000 files that Active Virus Shield didn't scan that the other scanners did. (However this isn't necessarily a sign of bad security, as those files may have been identified as not prone to viruses, or Active Virus Shield may count "files" differently.)

Avast! 4.7 Home Edition - detection rating: 87.46%; total running time: 49 min, 7 sec; total files scanned: 292,713

I'm not a huge fan of the Avast! Interface, which looks like a MP3 player and features such odd design choices as a "scan thoroughness" slider that looks like a volume control. How do you know how "thorough" this scan really is? Is 4 out of 6 thorough enough? During a scan there's no progress bar, so you never know if you have 3 or 30 minutes remaining. (Plus it's dog slow.) That sub-90% rating is not exactly comforting, either. The software comes with a 60 day trial, after which you must register (for free, requires email address). Overall it's just too hard to navigate, which makes it too easy to misconfigure, but it works well enough. (Second opinion: PC World ranked Avast! last among virus scanners it tested in performance at catching real viruses, a fact which the rating bears out.)

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic - detection rating: 94.26%; total running time: 14 min, 23 sec; total files scanned: 182,215

AntiVir is relatively popular and you can see why: It's blazing fast, even though it seems to be less than thorough at scanning all the files on the drive. But Avira has at least one terrible feature: Annoying full-screen pop-ups at random intervals advertising Avira's paid software apps. Configuration is about average, and advanced options are available if you dig for them. Overall detection rates look good, making AntiVir a good third choice if the two above don't work for you.

The apps below are not recommended...

BitDefender 8 Free Edition - detection rating: 95.57%; total running time: 26 min, 52 sec; total files scanned: 301,157

This is only an on-demand scanner and doesn't offer "real time" protection, which all four of the other scanners in this roundup offer. A decent interface and comprehensive rating (not to mention it scanned more files than anything else I tested) don't make up for that unacceptable drawback. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who needs any level of regular virus protection, even though it's very fast and thorough.

Grisoft AVG Free 7.5 - detection rating: 82.82%; total running time: 13 min, 8 sec; total files scanned: 56,391

AVG has a tricky interface, with minimal configurability (for example, you can't specify whether or not AVG should scan within compressed files, and there's no indication of whether or not this happens by default) and no progress bar during scanning. With such a low rating I'm not sure I'd trust it as my only line of virus defense. After it finished its scan in only 13 minutes, having scanned a whopping 20% of the files actually on the disk, I was ready to send this one back. (AVG is so popular that I went looking for a second opinion, and sure enough, PC World ranked it second to last among virus scanners it tested.)
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