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Colours of 1Malaysia 2010: Tentative Program

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Seramai 5,000 pelajar sekolah dan penari akan turut serta untuk menjayakan acara ini. Datanglah beramai-ramai di Dataran Merdeka seawal 5 petang untuk menonton pre-show. Layari web kami di untuk maklumat lanjut.

Colours of 1Malaysia 2010: Poster

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Layari web kami di untuk maklumat lanjut.

Document Converters

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Have you ever got a problem to convert from different types of file's extension to another? Or may be you are just thinking is it possible to do so? While working at my internship location, I have spend sometime to do some research about it on the internet. It was because I want to search for alternatives to save web pages to a better type of file. ".pdf" for example, rather than ".mht" or ".html". PDF offers a complete description of a fixed-layout 2D document that includes the text, fonts, images, and 2D vector graphics which compose the documents. In other words, PDF files are clean and tidy to read. It makes me feel comfortable reading it.

At early stage, I highly depend on softwares and plugins to do so, such as
Adobe Acrobat, Primo PDF  and Microsoft Office PDF add-in. Later on, I was wondering what if I am stuck at computers which block any possible installation? So I have decided to google for the solution and search it for myself. Some of the web pages are more useful that I thought. It is guaranteed that you are not required to download anything to start converting your documents!


This web site allows you to convert web page to PDF, word to PDF, PDF to word and PDF to excel. A pop-up window will come out once you have pressed the "convert" button. It also provide other options. You can install add-ons and extensions for your browsers so you can directly press a shortcut button to convert your desired web pages. All instructions are clearly written so you won't have any difficulties to be good at it on your own.


From the name itself, we can understand what is the capability of this web page. ExpressPDF able to convert Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and web pages to PDF faster. It is a simple web page that allows you easily navigate it. However, the converted document will be send to an e-mail that is given by you. If I want to send the PDF files to someone else, this method might be just right for me. Or you might prefer the converted documents safely stored in your e-mail. But I always prefer to download the file first and take a look at it before I proceed to things that I want to do to it.

***** is almost the same with


Last but not least, I would like to introduce to you to Neevia Technology web page. This is the most universal web page that offer document conversion service. You can convert various types of documents to other various different types of documents. Image files to word document, PDF files to image and so on. There might be lacking somewhere, but I'm still looking for it.

So let's start some demonstration shall we?

I would like to convert this page to PDF:

I copy this url into one of the service web sites listed above and paste it:

Now, I will press that "Convert to PDF" button. There is "options" button available if you want to adjust some stuffs such as its quality and so on. A new tab will come out with progress bar.


After few seconds, the PDF format will be available to be downloaded in this page. Press Download PDF file if you want to see the result. I always enjoy doing "try and error" process. You should try it too! May be to convert PDF or word document files to image? Good luck and die trying! xD