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Special Thanks

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I would like to express my highest gratitude to those who involved in making this programme a success:

Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE/JPT)

Ministry of Information, Special Affairs Department (JASA)

Social Welfare Department of Malaysia (JKMM)

Chief Executive Officer of JASA

Director of JASA, Perak

Deputy Director of JASA, Perak

General Manager of IIUM Properties Sdn. Bhd.

General Manager of Steer Engineering Muafakat Sdn. Bhd.

Rimbunan Kreatif Sdn. Bhd.

Public Relations Unit, IIUM

Transportation Unit, IIUM

Corp. Comm Department of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB)

Marketing Manager of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB)

Manager of Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK), Arau

Manager or Sekolah Tunas Bakti (STB), Butterworth

Counselor of Sekolah Tunas Bakti (STB), Butterworth

Penghulu Mukim Ulu Bernam

Head of Villagers Kg. Sg. Dara, Tanjung Malim

And those who involved directly and indirectly 5

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What The Holidays Mean to You
For you, the holidays are about emotional connections and bonds. You are happiest being around those you love. You celebrate the holidays in a minimalist style. You are likely to only give one great present and decorate your house with a few special items. During the holidays, you feel happily busy. There's so much do to and not a lot of time to do it. But you enjoy every minute of your holiday chores. You think the holidays should be nostalgic and sweet. The holidays bring out your inner child. Your best holiday memories are of childhood foods and traditions. You secretly still wish you believed in Santa Claus.

Me as an Editor cum Cameraman

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Those who have experienced taking COMM 2330:Video Production, they can really understand how difficult it was, yet it gives a unique experience.


He is a part-time lecturer at IIUM, and a full-time lecturer at UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). The only reason he is teaching at IIUM because we don't have a really qualified full-time lecturer to teach this subject. He always told us how pity he felt to communication students because IIUM have a low technology in communication field compared to other public and private higher learning institutions which they have very advanced broadcasting, and radio studios. We have one broadcasting studio. It is located at Centre of Education (CET) or ROVAS, but it is never used or opened. I don't know why. May be the reason it is not open because just like what Dr. Megat said, "No one at IIUM knows how to use it." Therefore, we made our production using simple camera that we use to record everyday, the normal video camera.
He have instructed us to make two productions. One is a PSA (public service anouncement) and another one is a drama or a documentary. And he told us to make it as good a possible, since he do not intrested on written assignments or exam papers. He just intrested if u can make a good production with cooperative team work. He said at least we still can get an -A although u can't perform in ur exams, but promise him to produce something great.


It was a wonderful one. Dr. Megat like it, and my friends give an applause it the end of the screening. But sure it was tough and challenging to make a short PSA. Since most of my team members only available during weekends, then we went out only during weekends to search for our PSA locations and records. It takes one month and another few weeks to finish everything. We faced so many problems:
  • The camera that we use was an old one and have a disturding problem. It sometime shutted down by itself and we can't open it anymore. That means it was the end of our shooting for the day. And it means another wasted day. And it happened many times.
  • We cannot get a car to drive to go out. Another day wasted.
  • Dealing with outside people who don't want to cooperate with us, with so many excuses. Another day wasted.
  • Rain! Another day wasted.
  • Unsatisfed shots only i realized when i was editing. That means i must remake the shots. Another day wasted...And there still more...

However, all the tiredness was gone when they love the camera works...the editing...the storyline... and the acting. =) but my humble knowledge still believe there was still many space for improvement in the PSA. I will try to put it in the blog so you guys can see it and give me a comments about it.


I tell you the truth. Making a 30 minutes drama was triple time more tiring, takes more efforts and triple times more challenging. Again i say it, only those who have experienced taking this course can really understand how difficult it was. The real problem begins, when i just realized that the dateline to submit the drama was next week and we didn't even started to record anything yet for the drama. It was really a stressful situation. What makes me forget the incoming dateline was because the program that i have participated last time really need my full attention. Realizing the incoming dateline, i put aside all my task relating to the program and give full attention to my course. Thanks to my beloved one, she finished up all my task while i was totally busy and put a full focus on my video production project. Again, i don't know how to thank her. What she did for me before and thru out the program was too much for anyone else can bear. She also allowed me to borrow her computer so I can finish up this production faster. I thank you with all my love...

Today we started to make our first shot for the drama. It's about a girl who finally regret on what has happened to her life when she started choose a wrong path to follow after she entered a university. We spent 3 days and 3 nights to record almost all of the shots. It was fast and hentam keromo. Challenges never stop keeping to make us late. You know what? We have to pay for the camera we use RM5 per hour! Damn owner! Taking an advantage on us! However, my team always have a high spirit, although they must obey whatever I say. Some of them have been wearing the same cloth for 3 days straight. Some of them didn't really understand what i was really trying to do with so many shots from different angle. But all of them were very cooperative and very patient. Thanks guys. =)

While people busy focusing on their final exams, I still busy editing the production. I didn't have time to study for this final exam's course at all. sigh...

I feel very sorry to all my team members bcoz I pay less attention to this course. I believe if i have more time, there are so many scenes that still needed to be improved. There were also scenes where we didn't have time to record. Makes the drama shorter. I think that's all I can say. All of you get good grades for this course right? Yea... except me becoz I didn't read for the final exam. It has been a great experience working with all of you. See all of you around and take care...

Summary Sem 1, 2007/2008

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This semester, I have gain a lot of different experience. This semester, I took a very little credit hour - 12.5... because I know I'm going to be as busy as always... This semester, I don't really join any specifec clubs anymore. I have quit AKHI Projects... COSA... MRC Ali... I have quit everything... But still I am as busy as always...

CommUNitY ServicE JourneY ProGraM WiTH KTM

Program Kembara Khidmat Masyarakat Bersama KTM

Designed by ADLAN

Nak dijadikan cerita, the idea of this program was carried out 1 year ago. Masa tu time awal2 perlantikan aku sebagai Head Secretariat of Community Service, MRC Ali. Asalnye proposed datenya ialah pada bulan Jun. Tetapi, dugaan2 yang datang tidak mengizinkan program ini diteruskan. Akhirnya, Insyallah program ini akan berlangsung pada 21 - 24 November 2007 ini.

Seriously, bnyk giler benda yg blm siap diprepare. Walaupun pada malamnya kami akan betolak, still ade invited guest yg blm confirm, tiket ktm pn bnyk problemnye... etc. Tapi, alhamdulillah para2 committee sumer berkerja dengan pantas. Harapan semoga semua terus bersemangat untuk menjayakan program ini. Pengorbanan dan susah-payah korg berusaha akan sentiasa aku ingati...

Major things happen before program:

  • 'Amirah menerima permintaan aku untuk jadi Ass. Program Manager. (Sy hargai sgt2)
  • Asyik kne turun naik rector office n STAD sebab STAD ade masalah internal. Pelik betul... Xde antara diorg yg tahu sape yg supposely in-charge untuk approval ke peringkat Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi (JPT). Aku buang masa hampir 2 bulan untuk settlekan masalah ni.
  • Terpaksa buat keputusan untuk pospone program dari bulan 6 kpd bulan 11. Sebab xde duit & bnyk benda yang belum settle.
  • Tender MRC aku dh tamat, masuk sem 1,2007/2008.
  • Happy sgt2 masa dpt approval dari JPT untuk cari sponsorship.
  • 'Amirah banyak uruskan hal sponsorship. Tapi xdpt bnyk contribution. Aku sendiri pon masih bnyk yang xpaham psl sponsorship ni... kesian sgt kat dia...
  • Kami xdpt bagi sepenuh perhatian kat exam sebab nak settlekan program ni.
  • Baru dpt tahu, klu nak release checque yang sponsor bagi, procedure dia makan lagi bnyk masa. Go to hell la with all the slow procedure! Aku perlukan duit2 tu!
  • Bnyk company xnak tolerate invoice. Mesti la sebab diorg tahu klu nak tggu invoice release, sangat lama. Tambah2 lg kat UIA, staff2 yg in-charge semua lembab2.
  • Lemah jantung bila dapat tahu KTM xnak tolerate invoice. Mana nak cari duit almost mencecah rm1000 untuk bayar kat ktm???
  • Miracle happen. Ade hamba Allah yang sudi dahulukan RmXXXX untuk tengok program ini berjaya. Jutaan terima kasih yang x terhingga aku ucapkan kepada beliau. I owe you very3 much. Dengan dpt cash banyk tu, masalah kami untuk bayar semua org yg mintak cash selesai. Alhamdulillah...

Masa program:

  • Kitorang buat simple opening dalam train KTM before bertolak. Huhu... best dpt nak train. Dari KL Central kami menuju ke Rumah Seri Kenangan, Arau, Perlis. Penghuni2 yang terdiri drp warga emas 60 tahun ke atas. 12 jam perjalanan.
  • Kat perlis, kami sedih dan insaf melihat keadaan warga2 emas. Ramai... 100 org ++. Penjaga kat situ bgth, klu kat RSK Johor lg ramai. 800 org. Ramainye anak2 yang xnak jaga parents... Rata2 antara diorg mmg sgt rindukan anak2 dan rumah... Ada jgk anak2 yang dtg melawat... bwk diorg kluar jalan2... n agak rmi jgk yg lps hantar parents, terus xjenguk2... Memang sedih la tgk keadaan diorg kat sana... Pada petangye, kami nak try main module dgn atuk2 n nenek ni. Susah... most of them dah nyanyok n xjelas pendengaran... Sedih2...
  • Pd petangye, kami bertolak ke Sekolah Tunas Bakti, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. Sampai malam. Kami dilayan dgn baik. Siap sediakan tempat penginapan lg... PERCUMA! Kat sini penghuni2nye terdiri drp pelajar2 yang melakukan kesalahan sederhana, spt mencuri dan klu yang paling dasyat pon pecah rumah, Xspreti yg kitorg bayangkn ms mula2 dtg. Mcm2 la diorg nie pikir... maklum la... risau jgk... Dah la penghuninye sumer laki2. Cuak la bdk2 pmpuan tu. huhu... Esoknye, kami buat games utk diorg. Alahamdulillah diorg participate. Bagus budak2 nie... Tp untuk part yg susahnye, diorg nie "slow" sikit. N so many things yg kurang dlm diri diorg... self-confidence, self-esteem, Mmq susah la klu nak encourage diorg untuk tampil ke hadapan n bercakap. Sumer malu2 kucing. Satu hari disana, memberi aku satu gambaran. Seriously, it's not them who are guilty for the first place. Ade korg yg membaca nie terfikir, mana parents diorg? Agak ramai yg anak yatim. Tetapi, agak rmi jgk parents yang dh xdatang2 langsung jenguk anak2 diorg. How they want to know the real meaning of humanity if their parents do not teach them? Bak kata pepatah melayu; "Benih yg baik, tetapi jatuh di atas tanah yg xsubur". Hasilnye, benih2 ni xmembesar dgn baik. Nanti korg dh ade anak, korg jaga la anak korg elok2. Klu sama2 asyik bergaduh, depan anak pulak tu... Xmustahil anak2 kiter boleh end up kat rumah2 kebajikan spt ini. Klu ade rezeki, aku nak buat program follow up ke STB. Sape2 nak ikut, cepat2 la isi tempat kosong ye... Pada malamnye, kami bersiap lambat. Huhu... buat closing kat sana cincai2 je... pas tu sumer lari lintang pukang naik bas n kejar keretapi. huhu..
  • Seterusnya, kami tiba di Kampung Sungai Dara, Tanjung Malim, Perak, time waktu subuh. Kami disambut oleh jemaah2 yg dh selesai solat subuh kat sana. Pas tu kitorg makan ramai2. Ade la dalam 20 org yg makan sekali dgn kitorg time tu... paginye kami buat majlis pembukaan di dewan org ramai Kg. Sungai Dara. Boleh tahan la meriahnye... For your information, segala perbelanjaan makanan, dan aktiviti kami di sana ditaja oleh Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA), sebuah jabatan dibawah Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia. So, ramai la org2 JASA yang turun dtg majlis ni. Timbalan Pengarah JASA Negeri Perak, En. Mohammad Haikal jadi VIP kami pagi tu. Org2 JASA ni sumer pandai bagi ucapan n ceramah, ramai ustaz2. Bagus betul Jabatan ni. Selepas opening ade buat sukaneka, petangnye ade tolong org kampung nak buat majlis kahwin, malamnye ade buat forum perdana. Alhamdulillah setiap aktiviti yang kami buat mendapat sambutan. Bagus org2 kampung kat sini. Tapi yg kurengnye pada ketua kampungnye plk... Klu korg nak tau, JASA spendkan RM4000 semata2 untuk makan satu hari kat situ. Banyakkan? Pendek kata, mintak maaf la. Aku nak cakap gak. Mata duitan. Dh telan duit JASA , dia mintak jgk duit kat kitorg. Sabar je la...
  • Malamnye kami bertolak ke UIA. Dalam pukul 1am, kami sampai UIA. Alhamulilah.. Happynye... program ni dh habis... setelah segala penat lelah... nak dekat setahun aku sibuk dgn program ni. Tapi, ape2 pon aku sangat2 berterima kasih kat 'Amirah. Seriously, klu nak harapkan aku sorg, program ni xkan berjaya direalisasikan... Memang terima kasih sgt2. Jasamu xkan dapat ku balas. ;>

** Nanti aku post lg satu entry. Pasal video production aku. huhu... thanks for waiting n reading** 4

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You Are Warm Nights by the Fire
Peaceful and romantic. The best part of fall.

Summary Sem 3 2006/2007

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Kawan aku tegur... "Wei Jai. Bile lagi ko nak update blog ko nie...Aku baca blog ko, best pulak crite2nye...jgn biarkan ianye terkubur ye..." Huhu...okay my fren... hari ni permintaan ko aku tunaikan. huhu... So, summary for this short semester... Sem ni aku banyak isi jadual hidup aku di office mahallah Ali n kat dalam bilik... so, tak de la ape2 event yang menyeronokkan pon...:

CIMB WeaLTH ADvisor BerHad (NSG Premier Consultant) Sem lepas, aku ditegur oleh seorang brother nie.... 'looks' young n good looking... after a long chat, dia cerita pasal kerjaya dia. Unit trust consultant. Sembang2 n dipendekkan cerita, the job can give a chance for you to be a millionaire. So, aku pon start la pegi training company tu... Mula2 tu risau jgk... boleh percaya ke... tapi lps pegi, Okay aje... Tu pon aku ajak sumone very special to accompany me.(^^,) Training dia 2 kali seminggu... N I really mean it, this job really can make u rich. N someday i'm going to be rich, I will have my own BMW 5 series n I'm going to have my grand wedding with my own money! Insyaallah.. (^^,) I'm looking forward to be full time worker in this company. Mudah2an Allah bukakan pintu rezeki. Amin...

RenTeTan ProGram MaHaLLaH ALi & AKHI Project
Sem ni, mahallah Ali lagi ligat buat macam2 program hampir setiap minggu. Start dengan cleanliness campaign, home stay, indoor games, Anual Vision Award (AVA) n banyak lagi...macam aku cakap la... hampir setiap minggu...
AKHI Project pon xnak kalah dengan macam2 program. Kem Ibadah AKHI, Wawasan Desa IPT, Educational Visit & macam2 lagi jugak. Ade beberapa kali program AKHI & MRC Ali bertembung tarikh... so, aku cuba la bergilir2... minggu ni pegi program AKHI, minggu depan pegi program MRC... tapi, ade sekali tu, dah letih sangat... Aku cakap kat diorang MRC & AKHI members, aku ade program lain... last2 that weekend, aku terperap dalam bilik je... main game.. makan.. tidur... lagi best. HuaHuaHua!!

Dunia LAN maHasiswa LeLaKi UIA. (^_^)
Sem ni, aku pindah masuk bilik Muaz, dia ade pasang LAN kat bilik... aku dengar2 kat dlm LAN sangat best sebab ape korang nak sumer boleh dicari... just search or ask for it. Bila aku tengok sendiri, memang sah la ke'best'san nye... Membuatkan aku semakin paham dengan beberapa orang member aku... Hard disk beratus2 GB pon boleh penuh dlm masa beberapa hari je... Jadi, ape yang sangat menarik? sampai aku boleh habiskan masa aku kat depan komputer Muaz semata2? Huhu.. :
  • Korang nak filem ape? crite ape? Sumer boleh dapat kan LAN. Yang Latest, (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest, Ninja Turtle) Yang lama, (ALi Setan, Mr. Os, Edward's Scissorhand) yang tak keluar lagi pon dah ade... Gambar boleh tahan lawa2 jugak sumer.. Klu rajin search, gambar yang cun lawa pon boleh dapat...xyah beli DVD original... LAN kat UIA sudey.. Cerita2 siri pon banyak... korea, jepun, indonesia... hollywood xyah cakap la. pergh...
  • Aku start main game yang diorang main kat LAN, especially WoW (World of Warcraft) n DotA (Defence of the Ancient) Best betul...Tak payah la aku crite kat sini ye mcmn gameplay nye...Nak tahu lebih lanjut, korg search la kat internet... Cume yang tak tahan, if u are a beginner, there are so many things that u must know n learn before you play it... So, main2 la dulu dgn AI (Artificial Intelligence) game yang dah dicipta...sebelum main dalam dunia LAN... Klu tak, kaw2 diorang kutuk. Macam aku kena... Huhu...

So, sem ni macam aku tak belajar langsung. Dah la ambik satu subject je... makin la aku kuat main sem ni. Lusa dah nak exam, aku still lagi kuat bermain. Huhu... Jai, Chaiyok! Chaiyok! TIme to Study!

Summary Sem 2 2006/2007

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Aku rasa macam sem ni lebih mencabar dari sem lepas... hmm.... There must be new things and Allah never stop watching n always test us...

Let's review my life in this semester...

- Aku up kan lagi credit hour aku.. kirenye lebih banyak la dari sem sebelum ni...

- Aku sangat aktif dgn MRC, sehingga aku hampir mengabaikan AKHI Project

- Antara faktor2 lain, sem ni boleh dikira sem yang paling banyak aku pernah dpt assignment n presentation

- Ditambah lagi dengan beberapa faktor lain, persahabatan kami bertujuh telah diuji... Just want to let all of you know that I never stop from thinking about us...

- So many things happens... and it happens very fast... May God give me strength for every single test that He arrange for me & I will never stop from being grateful to you...Amin...

Kasih Fillah Eternally...

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You Guys are among the most beautiful things happen in my life... I will never forget about all of you until the end of day...

I'm Back!

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Huhu....szakif... ko tak pernah letih menjenguk blog aku ye walaupun aku dah lama tak update blog.... trima kasih... (aku tengah menyapu bingkai header aku.. banyak betul habuknye..)

Hmm...selama aku menghilang dalam dunia blogging, dah macam2 benda jadi. Tapi buat masa ni, aku cume nak bercerita dgn korang faktor2 aku berhenti blogging buat masa yg lama... bak kata2 szakif, dah bersawang...

Klu korang nak tau, aku selalunye online dari komputer yang di 'provide' kan oleh UIA... kalau tak online baru pakai komputer member (komputer aku rosak... samapai sekarang tak reti2 nak bawak pegi kedai & baiki...)

Tapi, aku tak ingat sejak bila... Server UIA telah di 'block' dari terus melayari networking website mcm friendster, myspace & so on... Tapi yang bengangnye time tu, dgn2 Blogspot ni pon diorang block jugak... mana la tak lama menghilangkan diri...

Yang aku tak paham, knaper la dgn blogspot skali dia nak band... it has more benefits than it harm... hmmm what ever...

Tapi, sekarang ni aku pon tak tau sejak bila... acu cube try test, tengok2 dah boleh blogging balik... alhamdulillah (di tambah dgn sujud syukur)


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Sorry to all readers... dah lama sangat aku tak update blog aku...