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Colours of 1Malaysia 2010

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5:00 pm : Pre-show

8.00 pm : Arrivals of Respected VIPs

9.00 pm : Main Performance

The main highlight was the Colours of 1Malaysia Dikir Barat. 5,500 participants were involved to make it a success. A performance that was acknowledged by the Malaysia Book Of Record as the show with the largest number of participants. This was during the practice session. 20th May 2010, PWTC.

This was during the actual event. I'll definitely going to get the full version of this performance from RTM. Thanks to
eyriqazz for being able to capture this although it was short.

News coverage. Credit to The Star.

P/S: Dah ter jatuh cinta dengan lagu citrawarna 1Malaysia ni. Pak Ngah memang penulis lirik melayu yang hebat. Tak dapat dinafikan lagi.

Dapat gak bergambar dengan Dato' Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen sebelum beliau berangkat pulang. huhu..

Kindly visit Ministry of Tourism's official website for more Colours of Malaysia pictures!

Errmm... By the way, another part of Co1M rehearsal. Very nice!