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"Love is blind"

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Tomorrow is Sunday. May be i will return to my cousin's house since there is nothing i can do tomorrow at iium. the library will be closed until Monday and so do the classes. i think i wanna make my assignments at my cousin's home. (everything are supported!) All the reference are enough i think. Thanks 2 my dear sister who helped me out since 2 days ago..... She was so sporting.
By the way, that was't the story that i wanna share with you. Well...according to the tittle, it's about love... let me start this story since i still in the matriculation centre. There was a girl. Her name is.... " B ". (Don't try to guess who she is) and... there was a boy. His name is....." A " (again, don't try to guess who he is...) both of them was quite clever and i just nothing. "B" was a cute and charming girl... and A was friendly and he is a friend of B. I know the girl coz i was an active student at that time. I know the boy coz he take the same programme with me (HS). Actually... i think i've heard that A told me that he likes B very much... may be i forgot...
I saw her first time at Fraser Hill (that's the name... i think...). My first impression on B, "huyyo, cun giler..." my thought was just the same as other boys... at that time... i don't know who she is... or what she is... There is nothing much happen in 4 days at the hill. I and all participants were busy learning and finishing making the working paper. Sometimes, i take a chance to glance at B. " Cutenyer..."that was my thought at that time...
Back to MCIIUM... i live just like normal student... go to the class... and chatting with few friends... until i received a letter. i was choosed as a sub-committee of the society. There will be a meeting at that night about an event before the semester ends. Than i realize, she was one of the exco in the society. At that night, i saw her sitting in front with all the other exco..."Ya Allah... cantik + ayunye minah sorang ni...". At that time i feel that she is the most beautiful person that i ever see (i think that was't love yet...) So... i decided "bertuahnye klu dia ni jadi awek aku..."
======to shorten the story======
I succeed to have a relationship with her at the next semester. than i remember and realize that A and B was a good friend. (until now i think...) A realize that i have something to do with B. No one tells him... not me, or B, tell him about our relationship... My "not very tight" friendship with A became cold. When A saw me, he showed his unpleasant face. it was his own trademark... no one can copy that impression from him. Days by days... we were like water and oil...never suits together.
After few weeks, I don't know what actually happened... B didn't wanted to further this relationship..."ala... jgn la macam ni... baru dua minggu..." i send an sms to her...she really wanted to stop it. B said her career marks was decreased. She was not satisfied and cried. She blamed me because of her bad performance, and she blamed me because i told about our relationship to someone that she don't want "C" (where the hell that C come from?) to know...her Head Secretariat... But i think she was to active that makes her marks low... and it was something to do with A. I agreed... and hope that she was right. I cried a little bit in front of Yassin (Aku menangis sebab cinta! tak pernah terfikir....!!) Deep in my heart... i said... "A... you win..."
At iium Gombak...My relationship with A became "quite" well again... now he is sitting beside me... going online... and have chats with someone..."dgn sape la dia chatting tu...." I admit that i am still in love with B. Everytime i saw A face... a glance of B face will spin through my mind. i hope everything will be ok... i wanna be a good friend with A. He is a good guy... although some time i feel like "trying to be friend with the enemy". I hope he don't think that i still in love with B. Or things will be going up side down... Sometimes A shows his trademark face again... i just don't like it...
Huyyo!! very long.... I don't finish my assignment yet!


SaufiahAzZahrah said...

cinta sepatutnya menjadikan kita kuat.
cinta seharusnya menjadikan ukhwah bertambah hebat.
cinta juga sepatutnya memberikan keutuhan semangat...

carilah cinta dengan menyujud di kaki fajar.
kukuhnya cinta itu di dalam hati,
agar ia mengalir dalam nadi setiap detik, setiap saat..
kelak akan bertemuNya di sana.
di tanah yang tiada pengakhirannya.
itulah erti cinta sejati...

salamun alaik.