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Poem Entitled "I HATE IT!!"

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I HATE IT when people talk arrogantly to other people! At the same time, he/she has nothing to proud of!

I HATE IT when I have more that 1 meetings in a night!

I HATE IT when I must go meeting and let my assignment unfinished!

I HATE IT when people tend to blame everyone because of one person mistakes!

I HATE IT when people like to judge a book by its cover!

I HATE IT when people ask me to do that and that, at the same time he/she never do anything!

I HATE IT when I was rejected, but other people got that empty slot!

I HATE IT when each time I forgot what am I thinking or what am I doing just now!

I HATE IT when people can remember lot of stuffs and I just can remember less.

I HATE IT when people please me, especially if I have more or higher authority of something!

I HATE IT when people please me, because he/she is so damn lazy!

I HATE IT when I can't recognize people from a far!

I HATE IT when people talks very "poyo" about he/she one's ability! (bla..bla..bla..)

I HATE IT when people think that I'm very good (or bad) at something (or everything!)

I HATE IT when people mentioning about others mistakes, but he/she don't realize the own mistakes!

I'm not pointing to anyone, I'm just expressing my feel of hating towards all the experience that I gain from all the people that I met. There are so many things that I hate in my life, but we must remember that:

  • There is nothing perfect in this world,
  • If it is perfect, you still won't sure either it suits to you or not,
  • There must be good and bad, it can't be separated from any where, place or time. (except for all the religious and islamization stuffs)
  • Always prepare for the worse.
  • If you have negative impression to others, he/she may also feel the same way.
  • If you have positive impression to others, he/she may also feel the same way.
  • Everything comes from your own mind, so you are the one that allow your mind to think whether something is good or bad.

P/S: It is just good and relief to let everything go out from your mind. You should try it, especially you are under pressure. hmm.....


szakif said...

I HATE IT when sumone never leave his comment on my blog. Muahha~ aku gelak tak tahan siyot~

*insya 4JJl... akan mengomen lebih panjang nanti~

zati said...

hate....its normal.suka?normal gak.
dah namanya manusia....x leh lari beb.x sempurna hidup.hmmm...

bgus gak ada rasa benci pada sesustu kan?x bermakna hidup tanpa cabaran.
bt hidup kena ceria.....take it as challenge!....u will enjoy it.

<< Jai >> said...

Aku baca la blog ko szakif... tp xbraper nak concenrate. Kli aku rajin nanti aku baca lg n tinggalkan komen ye...

<< Jai >> said...

zati : Aku setuju. Memang la kita kadang2 tertekan sebab itu dan ini. tp... kalau semua benda sentiasa ok, ... kan boring jugak akhirnye... xrasa kemanisan hidup..

kid said...

love ur poem!! just to drop by to watch hijjab video..

szakif sutuh..haha..nice meeting u!!

<< Jai >> said...

hehe...thanks 4 ur complement towards my poem. :) Klu best nanti sy buat lagi. huhuhu... n thanks 4 dropping by...

szakif said...

owh... ni kire macam luahan perasaan la? harap2 sape yang makan cili tu bace la kan isi hati ko ni? ~~~

<< Jai >> said...

Ala....aku tak kisah... diorang tak tau pon xpe... aku just nak sumer orang bahagie aje... :)